Water walking balls business plan- An ultimate guide

    Business: Water walking balls business
    Business type: Entertainment, water related
    Most suitable for: Anybody who wants to entertain people.

       You might have come across these huge fancy water balls which are making a way into the entertainment business. This article is all about turning these water walking balls into a business opportunity.

           Do you have a pond , a swimming pool, a river, beach, or even a small water body around you? Then this business is totally suitable for you. If you are looking to make couple hundred dollars per week, then this might be one of the easiest ideas.

What are water balls

           Water balls are huge inflatable rubber/plastic balls which can accommodate 1 or 2 people inside it. They can float on the water with people inside. It’s a lot of fun to watch people inside it to fall, run, crawl inside the ball due to lack of balance. Nowadays it is used as a tool by the excercise junkies for warm up excercises also.

Requirements to start business

          What you need is a water body, permission from the local authority, couple of water walking balls… and a regular customer stream….That’s it.


          You need at least 2000$-3000$ to start this business. One such water ball costs you like from $200-$300 and I recommend you to buy at least 3 such balls so that you can entertain many people at a time. There are many places where water balls are for sale. One of the most affordable places where water balls are for sale is Amazon where you can buy them directly from the manufacturers. Some of them come with 3 years warranty.

Business Idea

         You can do mainly 2 things with these water walking balls. Either setup a small entertainment spot and attract children where you can arrange races between them or invent some other game with it.
Or you can keep it as a professionally regular business for exercising people. Or you can do both. It’s up to you and your availability of time. Fixing the price is up to you. But keep it less so that everyone can come and play.

Pros and cons


– since this is a unique kind of business, this business needs less advertising and people themselves advertise it by word of mouth.

– Since you have started and established your business in one place, you are less likely to have a competition.


– If the local authority is not people friendly, then it’s very difficult to roll your balls in a public water body. I recommend you to find a private water body so that you will have fewer restrictions or conditions.

–  safety measures are very important. Make sure they are safely played with. Don’t let people be in the water ball for more than 10 minutes.

Marketing strategy

I think you will have to worry less about advertising. But be sure to make your business more fancy and interesting by inventing new games with those water balls. Take feedback from your customers. Give them some discounts . Give an attractive name for your business and that’s it. You are ready to go.

Customer target

Children, Families, tourists, gym or exercise geeks, even fat women/men trying desperately to lose their weight.


2 thoughts on “Water walking balls business plan- An ultimate guide”

  1. omkar barwase says:

    Local authority means who?

    1. Ananta Bhat says:

      The local authority is where the place of business is located. For example, if the place of business is around a village,then you need to contact the village panchayat officers, they will let you know what the procedures are. But please note that these procedures vary from place to place.

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