Starting A Pedal Boat Leasing Business – Business Plan

Business: Providing pedal boats for lease.
Business type: Entertainment.
Most suitable for : Anyone.

Ever rode a pedal boat? Pedal boats are one of the many cool boats we come across when we visit a water body like lakes, rivers, or even beaches.
This article is all about the pedal boat leasing business. There are many business opportunities related to water bodies and pedal boat leasing is one of the simplest and easily affordable business plans.

What is this pedal boat business?
Many tourists who come near rivers and beaches just don’t want to see the river and go back home. They come there to explore the nature. And there are some love birds who just want to talk to each other in the middle of a lake on their vacation. Many water bodies don’t have entertainment spots which are a disappointment for the tourists who visit there.

So, starting a pedal boat business can be very profitable especially when the tourist count of that place exceeds at least 50 a day. Because, out of 50, at least 5-10 people can become your customer. It is also possible to make all those 50 people as your customers if you are good at marketing and if your business is attractive enough.

A water body( obviously), pedal boats, permission from the local authority.

Investment estimation
A good pedal boat can cost you up to 1200$, but there are boats available for 350$ too.For the sake of business , I recommend you to get a pedal boat which has a canopy and some reasonably more space than a small one person boat. Because , normally two people or a family loves to go in such boats. It is possible to start your business and even advertise about it under 10000$ of cost.
Many pedal boat making companies sell their products on Amazon or their own websites. You can choose the type of the boat you want to buy right from them. Make sure you are a swimmer, or else you will have to hire a professional for emergency situations.

Marketing strategies
**  There is no specific strategy for this business, all you have to do is to attract the tourists. You can do it in different ways, like making your place more attractive (or weird) or providing reminder cards to your customers (some restaurants give ‘thank you’ or ‘welcome’ cards as reminders for their customers). This will encourage them to visit again.

**   Sell them snacks during their lease time, which is a good way to make some extra bucks.

**   Do not just stick to pedal boats,there are many other entertainment services you can provide for your customers. Explore them too.



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