Purified Mineral Water Supply Business Plan

mineral water supply business

Starting a purified mineral water supply business is one of the hottest business ventures. With governments failing to supply clean and purified water to their citizens, the demand for purified drinking water is increasing day by day.

Business : Starting a drinking water supply plant.
Business type : industrial, manufacturing
Basic needs : a water source (a river is ideal), water purifying plant set-up, storing cans, transportation facility.

Water is not a product, it’s a basic need for the people to survive. So, the there will always be a demand. So, there are many business enthusiasts are looking towards starting a water purification and supply business. We have tried to answer some of the common questions asked from them before starting business.

What exactly do I need to start my own purified mineral water supply business?

*              Permits. Different countries have different rules, but one common thing in every country is you need a health and hygiene clearance certificate from the authorities.

*              A water source. Normally, these plants are located near rivers or lakes for surplus water supply. Most of the mineral water producing plants depend on underground water or water wells. Find the most economical way for your business plan according to your location.

*              A drinking water purification plant. In countries like India, I’ve seen purification plants that are as big as football courts and that are as small as tennis courts. The difference is not in the quality of water produced but is in the quantity of water produced. A normal industrial level set-up can be installed in a small hall.

*             Containers and storage area. Packaging is a very important challenge in this business. Most of the drinking water business owners buy containers according to their demand from a plastic manufacturing company and refill/recycle them over and over. But, bigger players manufacture their own containers with their own players. If your business is small-scale, then manufacturing your own containers might not turnout profitable.

*             Transportation system. Once you pack the water in the containers, you need to supply it to the desired customer. Most of the manufacturers use retailers to sell their products. The retailer sends it to the final customer. Other manufactures use their own transportation services and charge extra for the service. In some places, customers have to carry their water cans by themselves which is not a very good business strategy. 

How much does it cost to start a small-scale water purification unit?

It depends on how much water you want to supply per day. There is a range of water purifiers in the market with a wide range of capacities. Don’t forget to include the electricity and transportation charges. A normal industrial level plant set-up can cost from 400000- 600000 rupees. They can be installed in a comparably bigger room.

Marketing Tips

*              Make huge concessions for people who buy in bulks, it helps you in building a business with a steady income.

*              Try contacting every function halls, hotels, office areas and even hospitals and make fair deals with them, it is really very important. Building a business based on individual customers takes time and you cannot grow your business based on that income.

*              Try to make your supply service as instant as possible. People like it fast.

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