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Self-Storage Facility Business

Self storage facility business is one among many popular business opportunities in the real estate industry.Many people start investing in real estate with a self-storage facility business. Each year so many people move within a city or out of a city. So, many people will need extra space to store the overflow of stuff. This is where you come in with your storage space. Many people rent such storage spaces on yearly or monthly basis. In the recent years, self-storage spaces have … Continue reading “Self-Storage Facility Business”

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Starting A Pedal Boat Leasing Business – Business Plan

Business: Providing pedal boats for lease. Business type: Entertainment. Most suitable for : Anyone. Ever rode a pedal boat? Pedal boats are one of the many cool boats we come across when we visit a water body like lakes, rivers, or even beaches. This article is all about the pedal boat leasing business. There are many business opportunities related to water bodies and pedal boat leasing is one of the simplest and easily affordable business plans. What is this pedal boat … Continue reading “Starting A Pedal Boat Leasing Business – Business Plan”