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Table tennis club business

Business : Table tennis club
Business type : Sports, entertainment.
Most suitable for: TT players and professionals, Sports enthusiasts and you.

Table tennis is a very popular indoor game and you might have seen many indoor table tennis clubs if you are living in a metropolitan city.  So, if you are planning to setup a table tennis business, then you need to be more innovative to run your business successfully.

If you are an expert in table tennis, then you don’t need to hire a table tennis coach. If not, you will have to find them from other clubs or sports organizations. Next thing to worry about is advertising. But where can you possibly advertise? There are some important places you should never miss. You will have to distribute your pamphlets to individuals near schools, colleges, government buildings, offices, parks and exercise centers. Because these are the people who will be interested. Share it individually because individual advertisements are more effective than displaying advertisements on a board.

Money required start a table tennis business

The TT materials are the main source of expenditure in this business. Then comes the cost of the place. If you have your own land, then this business is pretty easy and cost-effective.

A table tennis board may cost you from a wide range of 150$-850$. But don’t rush to buy a very costly table tennis board, that’s stupidity. you need to check whether they are of the international official size, and their ratings and reviews (if available, you can check the company’s rating on online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc..) .  What you  need to look for when buying the sports equipment is the durability and not the rate. But do some basic research for yourself before buying. Buy other sports materials like TT bats, TT balls, and TT nets according to your requirements.

Total cost of setting up the TT club will range from 6000$-7000$ including advertisement costs if you own the land. It is possible to start with an initial cost of 1500$ also, but more you invest, more you have a chance of better marketing.

you can fix a monthly price for amateur customers and allot  them a certain time in which they can come and play. For people who are interested in learning the sport,run a daily morning session class. it is up to you how you arrange the timings, but a specific customer friendly schedule is very much important.

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