Making permanent microscope slides and preserved specimen as a business

Business : Selling permanent microscope slides and preserved biological samples.
Business type : Science, passion.
Most suitable for : Biologists, nature enthusiasts, and you.

Just as the title says , this article is all about how you can build a business by making permanent slides and other preserved biological specimen.
Can you recall those days when in your pre college , you used get fascinated by frogs, snakes, sharks, and other such preserved animals in jars? Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

What is the business ?

Its pretty simple. Biology texts are filled with animals , plants, and micro organisms and most of the teachers who teach in the class show a real specimen of that organism for better understanding. Your job here is to provide those specimens for money to make those teachers’ job easier.

You can either start your own manufacturing unit or you can collaborate with an established company or you can buy specimen bottles or jars to store the biological samples. Your main aim is to sell them.


-Knowledge and will to prepare those permanent slides and biological specimen.
-Permits to use certain chemicals and dead animals to store and sell biological specimen.
-Equipment like microscope, slides, jars, chemicals, and a lab where you preserve and make specimens.
-A bit of innovative mind and knowledge on marketing strategies.
-Contact the city authority to know more about the permits and procedures. Different countries have different procedures.

Cost of investment

Theoretically, to establish a small regional scale business , you need at least  2000$ -4000$ . It includes the cost of chemicals, microscopes, couple of jars and other basic requirements. But, its only the initial cost. Travel cost to get specimens, transportation of the finished goods, place arrangement and cost of advertisements are not included here. You will have to have a backup cost of at least 10000$.

Since this business is bit costly to maintain, fewer people go for it and you will face less competition, that is a plus point for you. Income is also reasonably profitable. For example, a finished biological specimen of a baby shark is sold at 3000 INR in India. But to prepare such a specimen, you need less than 800 INR. Same is the case with animal organs, a preserved liver of a goat is sold at the value of a goat itself. Some insects in your backyard also have a value if sold in a preserved form.

What kind of biological specimen can be stored?preserved specimen

Animal organs– Organs like brain, liver, kidneys of animals are sold. Most of the organs are taken from goats or other reared animals.

Plant specimen- Parts like the leaves,seeds, flowers, or fruits of the special plants are also stored.

Micro organism slides- Permanent slides of algae, fungi, bacteria, plant cells and animal cells.

Full specimen- Total bodies of animals, plants, insects, and birds are also stored and sold to the interested party.

Marketing strategy

– This is not an entertainment business, so you don’t have to advertise it to everyone. This is a ‘target customer business’. Only certain people will be your customers. Your success lies in reaching all of them economically and turning them into your customers.

– To make your work easy , let me give you an example of how you can contact them. Only science teachers/ biology lecturers will be interested in your products. So, pen down all the colleges nearby your locality/ state. Now check whether they have a college website, there you get the contact numbers or emails of those lecturers. Send a mail to all of them or write a letter. You can also contact the principal directly, and tell them that you are selling your products at a discount for schools.

-Start an online store to expand your business to other states and countries. Starting an online store is very easy these days. There are services from where you can purchase a platform to build your own online store.

– Other potential customers of your products are the research centres. Try your luck contacting them also. You may even get a permanent supply orders from them. So, don’t ignore them.

– Always remember, more people you reach, more you earn. So, don’t leave any chance. Target more on upcoming schools and colleges. you can definitely convert them into your customers. GOOD LUCK.

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