How to make money off drones – Best Business Ideas

drone business plan

Business : Flying drones for commercial purposes. Becoming a drone navigator.
Business type : Passion, professional services.
Most suitable for : People who can afford a drone and who have a government exemption for flying drones commercially. US citizens can apply for it on

What is the business?
This business is simple to understand. All you have to learn here is to use small-sized drones with a camera. You can start two kinds of business with drones.

       1. As a commercial service for companies, cinema industries, and heavy machinery factories.

— This is the most profitable drone business idea. You can actually start a company of your own that provides commercial drone navigation services. It works. Why? because very few people know about it and very few people hold flying exception for drones from their governments.

— Many multi national companies use commercial drones to promote their products. Some of them need drone navigation usage daily. You will have to offer them your drone services even if they are not using it.

— Cinema industry is mad with commercial drone navigation. But there are already so many commercial drone operators who offer services to bigger production houses. You will have to start asking people who run TV serials, small programs or even famous YouTube channels. You can charge 3000$- 5000$ for a single drone operation.

— Heavy machinery industries are also potential targets for your drone navigation business. They can use your drone footage when they face technical problems with their machines.

        2. As a passion

— You don’t need any kind of certification from the governments if you want to navigate/operate drones as your hobby. Buy a drone with HD camera.

— This is a good idea if you think you are a creative person. You can shoot some really awesome footage of exotic places and people using your drones, and you can either sell the footage or upload it on YouTube to earn money through monetization. Be sure not to fly them in ‘no drone zones.

— This works better if you already have a famous platform like a blog or a YouTube channel where you can share your videos.

How much does it cost me to start a drone business?

Good quality drones with camera normally cost about 400$- 700$. Cheaper drones are available from 30$ onwards, but it is hard to trust the quality of such drones. Their operation needs some more money. You can actually set up your drone business under 2000$. Learn to navigate them first. Buy cheaper drones to learn. Good place to buy the good quality drones is amazon. Why? because you can compare different types and different companies at a single place. Make sure they have good reviews before buying them.

This is DJI phantom 3 quadcopter. Most of the commercial drone navigators use such drone.

How do I advertise about my company?

            1. I would not prefer going public, since there is a chance of getting a competition. Instead, I would start reaching out to the companies in person. Most of them will agree to your business proposal when they see your drones flying in air.

2. Your hot spots for business opportunities are down below
                      – Film industry.
                      – Mapping and geological marking.
                      – Construction industry and heavy machinery. 
                      – Sports events.
                      – Marriages, fests, parties, college functions.. etc
                      – Stock photo and video footage selling.
                      – Tourism industry.
                      – Bungee jumping and other such private adventure spots.
                      – Commercials for private companies and enterprises.

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