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Raising emu for profit

Business: Maintaining an emu farm. Business type: Poultry farming. Basic requirements: Land, water, fencing, emu chicks.

Biogas Unit Installation Business; Business Plan And Opportunities

Business: Producing biogas in a large-scale and providing biogas plant installation services. Business type: Energy production, science, and technology, innovation. Most suitable for: Business owners with huge capitals or people who know how to arrange crowd funding.

Best business ideas : More than 50 business plans

Here is a list of most affordable and awesome business ideas you can try with least investment and least knowledge about the business. 1. Water walking balls business Water walking balls are giant, inflatable plastic balls which can accommodate one…
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How to start a homemade food business?

There are thousands of food varieties out there. Food industry accounts for billions of dollars each month. So, it’s never a bad choice to enter this industry what so ever. Are you thinking about starting a homemade food business? Do…
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