Publishing ebooks for a living- Step by step guide

Business: writing and selling books/ebooks
Business type: Passion and lifestyle
Estimation of expenditure: None(100$ MAX)

This is more of an idea to set up a living than an idea of real business.It’s a life hack. Since it can help some really financially broke people on the internet, I’m writing this article.

There used to be a time when books were given at most importance and respect in a society. They have lost their importance because of social sharing platforms like internet. But there are people who still read a lot of books. It’s a time of ebooks. This article is all about making money by writing simple books or ebooks. You will be surprised if I tell you that there are individuals who publish more than 4 ebooks per week for free and actually make a decent amount of money out of it.

You don’t have to be a Shakespeare to publish a book now a days, any one can write something and publish them as an ebook with zero investment. I’m going to explain you how they do it and how you can also try it. Read the points below carefully to know how they do it. It’s easy for the people to understand this article if they know about the content copyright acts and laws. These laws state that any original content is a property of the creator of that content and copying them for direct commercial uses is prohibited. An original content is anything that is unique and personal.

  Copyrightable contents include

-Original literary like a poem, novel, opinion and criticism, or even a piece of quote, the article I’m writing now is also copyrightable as it includes real human emotions.

-Visual contents like a video, a photo or even a screenshot.-Other unique creative contents like a painting, a play, a song, or a software or anything that is unique.

Non-copyrightable contents include
-Facts of any kind. For example, you can write that river Ganga is polluted,but you can not sue other people for writing the same thing. If an article does not include real human emotions, then that content cannot be copyrightable.

-Universal names and literature, like name of a city or country or god or people and holy books.

-Cultural rituals of a group of people or of a country. You cannot claim copyrights for a cultural folk song or a dance form or the dress codes.

            Knowing this much is enough for you to write a book/ebook that I’m talking about. Now lets talk about them,

Types of ebooks that can be written by anybody are,

– The bulletin type books. For example- ‘101 Quotes of famous people'( such books contain copyrightable contents, but the author must be very much sure that the famous personality won’t sue him), ‘1000 facts about mother earth’, ‘1O famous south Indian food preparation guide’ etc…

– Small informational book series. For example- ‘A brief introduction to Moguls and their rule in India’, books about a place or a set of cars or plants or medicine, ahh… there are numerous choices to choose from.

-Books on a certain topic, like stock trading or anything that you are interested in.

I agree that these information are already available on internet, but there is a large group of people who still prefer to buy and read books on platforms like amazon kindle.

How do I sell my book?

Once you write a book of some 20-30 pages, you can freely publish them on amazon kindle for the price you want, most popular price being 2.99$ per book(there is a reason behind that exact price). You don’t get money just by publishing the book, you will have to market it on social media and other platforms.

For example , suppose you have written an ebook called ’10 south Indian special dishes’, then you will have to go to the websites and blogs where people read about Indian dishes and comment in the comment section saying ‘hey guys, I have written an ebook on special dishes of south India and interested may have a look at it’ and leave a link there which redirects the interested people to your book. More books you publish, more money you earn. If you do a proper marketing, you can earn nearly 50$ per book per month even at worst case scenario.

To know more about how to write books, how to put cover pages for your new ebooks, platforms where you can write these books, and more such information, please watch the Youtube videos regarding this and there are bloggers who specifically write on this topic, read their blog posts. My job is to make you know about the topic only.

Very important point to make:        I only recommend you to try it if you are not capable of doing a better business. This is just a life hack for the people who are really broke and don’t have any opportunity of making money what so ever.I wrote this article so that it can help such people.
Today, I met a person from LGBT community on a general train and asked him/her why he was begging. He told me that he won’t get a regular job in the society, so begging was the only choice left for him. I don’t know whether it is right to say, but if I was in his position, I would have created a job for myself or would have used one of such life hacks instead of begging.

So, to all those who think they are good for nothing, you are always much better than what you think of yourself, you just have to find a way to improve your lifestyle. ALL THE BEST.

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