Tree root altering as a business-An ultimate business plan

Business- tree root altering, wood sculpture business
Business type- Passion, creative.
Most suitable for- Carpenters, sculptors and artists

Lets directly jump into the main topic of this article. In this article we are going to discuss the possibilities of you becoming a successful tree root sculpture dealer and building a business out of it. Tree root art is a skill that can be mastered with experience. Its a creative art.Its easier than other art sculptures ,because most of the art work will be done by nature itself.
           Does this have a scope? Yes, it does have a scope, only if you know whom to sell your art work. If you are planning to sell them on the street side, then this is not going to be a profitable business for you.

Types of tree sculptures

           Tree root artwork– An artwork where tree roots are used as a primary ingredient for the art. The final product is either sold to luxury villas, hotels , homes and other fancy places, or exhibited to the public as a pure art form.

           Tree trunk artwork– As the name says, these artworks are done on tree trunks and are sold to the public. Most famous tree trunk furnitures are coffee tables made out of solid tree trunks( you can observe one such furniture on ELLEN’S SHOW), dining tables, fancy chairs, book shelves, etc…

           Tree stump artwork– This art form is non commercial and immobile as your art work is done on a static tree stump and requires a lot of human work. So, lets not talk much about this.

Why are these sculptures profitable than other art works?
There is a reason why I chose to include this as a potential business in my blog. As a business researcher, I always tally income with the effort that’s being put in. Last week, I saw a coffee table made out of tree trunk being sold for 10500 INR (approx 160$). It was just a stud tree trunk cut into four pieces and aligned in a diamond shape, polished and a round glass piece put on it. When I talked to the sculptor in my own way, he told me that it took 3 days for him to make it and costed him a total of 5000 INR (including transportation). There are thousands of such artworks sold every day which need a very less effort,but have a very high value once finished.
In conclusion, this business has a lot of capital raising potential if blended with practical marketing strategies. Unfortunately, that guy had a very poor marketing skills,thus could sell only 1 or 2 pieces per fortnight. In the end of the article, I will tell you how you can market your finished goods in a large scale.

Estimation of investment
If you are a carpenter by profession , then this is an ideal business for you for you will be already having the equipments,tools, and polishing stuffs. If are not a carpenter, then just hire one or a group of carpenters if you want your business to be big. Investment varies on the place where you live. If you live near the woods, then wood root sculptures need less investments. Otherwise , you will have to import the desired tree trunks and tree roots to your place. In either way, investment cost does not exceed 5000$. Tree root carvings can be done with any kind of tree roots. But the famous ones are bamboo, teak, coconut tree and smaller bush plants with beautiful mother root systems. So, it also depends on the availability of desired trees.

How do I sell my finished artwork for a considerable price?

This is the most important part of the article. Most of the businessmen FAIL because of their poor marketing strategies. Don’t be one of them. Following points include what you can do and what you should not do in this business.
– Don’t sell your artwork in a road side tent. Art has a very pitiable value on roadside. Make it look standard. Always remember that a rich customer is your first priority.
– Sit for a while and write down a list of your possible customer group. It includes rich villas, restaurants, fancy shops, star hotels, luxury guest houses and lodgings, private parks, and matrimony halls. These are the place where you can sell your artwork for the rate you say in a bulk quantity. After this, comes the ordinary house holds to whom you can sell individual artworks.
– All the above customers are to be knocked on their doors, which means you should let them know about your sculpture making and give them offers either by meeting them personally or via social media.
– The most effective way is to collaborate with the certified interior designers. These people design the interiors of newly constructed homes, apartments and buildings. You will find the local interior designers on social medias like Facebook and Linkdin . Tell them about your artworks and offer them a heavy commission for every order you get through them. This is called legal bribery.
– Conduct occasional exhibitions of your wood sculptures. And make a vigorous advertisement of the event before conducting. This needs a lot of money, but its worth your effort and it helps you to create a brand value for your works. Participate in the exhibitions conducted by others.
– Put your artworks for sale on online stores like ebay and amazon. Make a website of your own and exhibit your sculptures and furnitures so that interested people can contact you directly.
If you do all these things, then you will be able to sell at least 20 pieces a week.

So, these are some of the common ways of marketing your artworks and furnitures. there are many advanced ways to sell them like by making Youtube videos, franchising events, etc.. But what matters a lot to be a successful businessman is the will to handle failures and rejections. There is no businessman in this world who hasn’t encountered failures and rejections. So, expect rejections, but improve yourself to counter those rejections. All the best..

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