How To Start A Homemade Food Business?

Home made food business plan

There are thousands of food varieties out there. Food industry accounts for billions of dollars each month. So, it’s never a bad choice to enter homemade food business industry what so ever. Are you thinking about starting a homemade food business? Do you want to know how much it may cost you to build a successful business out of it? Read this post.

What is the business?

Its obvious, your job is to produce food and sell it. Sounds very easy, but no business is easy. You must know how to sell it and where to sell it. Thousands of food businesses start and stop every day, which means you should be more creative to tackle the odds in this business. So, if you have already decided what to sell, then its cool. If not, here is a method of finding which food can be sold profitably.

If you already know which food you want to sell and need marketing tips for selling it, then read this article – Food stall business plan. Which food should you sell and how to sell it?

Which food should I sell?

*           Sit for a while and write down the names of every food you can think of on a paper. The food you eat, the food you heard about, food which is popular, everything.
*           Now you will be having at least 100 names of food items in front of you. Now cut out all those food items which are easily available and very popular (Like panipuri in India and hotdogs in the US). Because I strongly recommend you against selling a food item which is already has a supply in every corner of every street in your city.

*           If you are good at making some certain food items and if you think you can do better than the professionals, then go for it. For example I’m good at making french fries( not kidding, I can make better french fries than those at McDonald’s. And that, along with other potato related food items is an ideal business in countries Like India because french fries hardly have supply chains of 5 to 10 places in a city. Starting a pizza business in India is also a pretty idea since it has very less supply outlets.

*          Above are commercial food items. If you are excellent at making traditional food items which are made only during special events then I strongly recommend you to start such a business. You can target a specific customer chain. For example, a person from my native place sells exclusive food items indigenous to ‘western ghats’. He has built a huge team of trust worthy customers over the years. His supply belt reaches even to metropolitan cities like Bangalore.

Expenditure to start a homemade food business

*       A specific number cannot be given as the expenditure varies from food to food. But most of the sweet makers, other small-scale food producers start their business with a very less amount of investment, and grow their business rapidly once they start earning.

*       Setting up a small-sized shop selling chips can cost you nearly 1000$ initially just for the place and equipment. Since I’m talking about a business plan that is huge enough to give service to a whole city, you need at least 20,000$ to set up a fully functioning store. Other expenditures include manufacturing cost and advertising.

*       I have observed that more fancy your shop is, more people like to come and try your food. So, you will have to spend more money to alter your shop to make it look more attractive. It can help you a lot to create a good impression on your customers.

How to sell your food items?

Making quality food is not enough, you should be knowing the ways to sell them. Most of the people fail at this level. So, it is very important that your food items are sold in time. For that, you have to blend your food making talent with marketing strategies. Here are some popular ways.

*              Contact all the marriage/ party hall owners and tell them about your business. They will NEVER recommend your services to their customers unless you specifically offer them a certain percent of commission for every order you get through them. This is very similar to affiliation marketing in the online world.

*             Make some small videos of four minutes or so explaining your business. Don’t make it look too commercial, people are not interested in watching a random Ad. Make it simple but funny enough for people to share it through social medias like Facebook and Whatsapp. Include your contact address in the video and upload it on YouTube too.

*             If you have enough money, then advertising on local newspapers, radio channels, and local TV networks is not a bad idea. Such advertisements build a standard brand for your business.

*            Give away some offers for your customers, like a coupon which can cut the price by 10% on next time purchase or anything like that. Remember one thing, if your customers are happy with you, then nothing can stop you from being a successful business.

So , these are some basic marketing strategies . There are some advanced strategies which are used by bigger companies, you may also adopt such strategies in your own way. But , what accounts more is that how serious you are about your business and customer satisfaction.

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