Food stall business plan – innovative food stall ideas

Food stall business plan

So, you are looking for a perfect food stall business plan to start your own innovative food stall. You have come to the right pace. This article talks about how you can maximize your profit from a perfect food stall business plan, marketing of your business and choosing the right kind of food to sell.

Business : Starting an exclusive food stall business
Business type : Passion-related, decorative.
Most suitable for : Chefs, people with marketing skills.

We have a lot of food stalls that we love to visit now and then. In this article, I’m not talking about any random food points, but I’m talking about those food stalls which are special, those food stalls in which you always wished to celebrate your birthday. These food stalls for some people are a part of their life. There are multi-million dollar food chain companies around us like KFC, McDonald’s, CCD, etc… And the basic common thing among all of them is that they all started small.

Starting a food stall may seem very magical and worthy when you see 80 cents worth popcorn being sold for 3$ at the theaters. Still, it has its own ups and downs like any other business in the world.
But, as Elon Musk (Owner of TESLA company) says, ‘if you have ‘the best’ to offer from anything, then you have the best business in the world’. So, all you have to worry about is to build the best of something.

What is the business idea?

People always love to eat in a public place when they have a little extra money to spend and are very choosy when it comes to eating in public. Most of the time people hesitate eating in a place which is too crowded and untidy or they might not like the way it’s being served or even the unscientific pricing of the food items can chase away your potential customer.

Your job here is to set up a qualitative, affordable and attractive food stall.

What food should I sell?

It certainly doesn’t depend on your choice. Because the key to a successful business is ‘not selling what you want to sell, but selling what they want to buy’. So , you cannot choose a random food to be successful, you have to know your customers and their demands.

If you are an Indian, you have thousands of food items to choose from. Every food item has hundreds of varieties. For example, I myself have eaten nearly 15 types of dosa (a south Indian dish). So, it’s possible to start an exclusive Dosa point where many varieties of dosa are sold. And people have done it.

There are many food items you can think of. Some of them are ice creams, cupcakes, rice-related items, different kinds of Rotis ,fast foods like chips, noodles, Pani puri, burgers , different types of pizza, non-veg items( I don’t know them specifically, I’m vegetarian) or even beverages like different kind of coffee, tea, fruit juices, soups, ah.. there are many.
But remember one thing, if your food stall is not special enough to attract people, then you are doing it wrong.

Some of the food items are rare but are easy to be sold. For example, cotton candy is one of the most loved food items in the world. Cotton candy can be sold using many innovative ways. All you need to do is to grab the attention of the people. A person in the US opened an ‘only cotton candy’ store and started serving people different colors and sizes of cotton candy. His special service of huge ball cotton candy became very popular on Instagram that people started visiting his store just to take pictures for Instagram.

Food truck

If you live in a country like India, you can come across a lot of food truck vendors in cities. Some people create their food stall business plan around the truck of their choice. I know that some countries have strict laws against selling food on a food truck, but this is one of the best ways to sell food. Why do I say that? It’s easy to experiment with. You don’t have to worry about paying rent for your room and you can change the decorations easily.

As a matter of fact, it’s easy to grab the attention of people with  a movable street food truck than a stable place. I you are from India, you can actually buy such kind of food trucks from online markets like indiamart , olx , aajjo

How to be special?

Choose an unusual place. It can be anything but a plain square box room. Search on google about such food stall ideas, some of them are totally mind blowing and there is no way I would forbid myself visiting there if they were near my place. People hate cliche and they love innovation. Your food stall should be love at first sight for them. The quality of the food comes next to it.

If the circumstances force you to start your business in a square box room, then be innovative with the interior design. Put a theme on it, like make it look like a jungle, or a cave,or an army camp, or some other planet , a village, a museum or anything that looks fancy. Or simply make special seating arrangements.

Food stall names

Next important thing is the name of your food stall. Many food stalls attract people just for their names. Make sure that the name of your food stall is as funny/attractive as possible. 

Other things to care

There are some legal procedures like approval from the public health office (mandatory in some countries), incorporation of your food stall business name, a place to make your food and a place to sell it, utensils and machinery, quality measures, sanitary measures, a public feedback blackboard in front of the food stall, and that’s more of it, please do leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding your business, I will be more than happy to help you.

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