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Business idea : T-shirt printing and marketing
Business type : Home based, online.
Most suitable for : Anyone.

When I started researching about this T- shirt printing and t-shirt advertising, I really didn’t know that I would end up finding it one of the most profitable businesses in the clothing industry. Why? Because tshirts or what some call them tee shirts have already grown up to be the universally accepted dress type regardless of gender,religion,place or culture.And custom t shirts are getting sold at an exponential rate day by day. So, let’s jump into the topic of how you can set up a T-shirt business.

To write this article, I had to meet two T-shirt printing machine owners and interact with many people on the internet who have been in this business for a while and are making tonnes of money every day.

Types of t- shirt printing machines
              There are mainly two kinds of T-shirt printing machines which are hugely used in the industry.
First one is the ‘heat transfer’ machine  and the second one is the ‘screen printing’ machine.

Heat transfer 
This method is for people who want to print different kinds of t-shirt designs in small scale.
You will have to print your design on a special paper and you just have to press it on to the t-shirt using the heat presser. It’s easy and cheaper compared to the other method.

Screen printing
It’s a more complicated, sophisticated method compared to the previous one. But it’s very useful when you have to print huge quantity of t-shirts of the same design. Suppose if you have to print 500 t-shirts of the same design then you just have to create colour frames for on time and use it for all the 500 t-shirts.

Business opportunities around T shirt printing
           – Personalised t-shirts printing for individuals, organisations, companies.
           – T-shirt printing in bulk with specific custom designs and niche.
           – Online t-shirt store.
           – Selling T-shirts designs.
           – T shirt advertisements, brand creation through t shirts.

Now let’s discuss each business opportunity in detail. I did not include manufacturing t shirts in the above list because it needs heavy machinery and a lot of investment. But the above-mentioned t-shirt business opportunities need less investment capital and suitable for a middle-class individual who wants to set up a business with the limited amount of money in her/his hand.

        Personalised T shirt printing
* Business suitable for any individuals.Can be setup within an investment cost of 3000$.
* Here you will have to print the desired designs for your customers. You can find your customers in different ways.
* There are many people who call up the corporate companies or organizations or schools and colleges around them and fetch orders. Others make deals with the online t shirt store owners and provide t shirts according to their requirements.
* Other people just run some campaigns. I recently heard about a commercial campaign where people had to provide their photos to get them printed on the t shirts for 600 INR(approx 9$). Such campaigns naturally become successful because who doesn’t love to own a t shirt with their own image on it. I would definitely go for it.
* Things you require for this business are the t shirt printers and a t shirt design provider. Let’s talk about the t shirt printers and designers later.
* Quality of the t shirt and beauty of the design matters a lot here. Because most of the time your customers will come back with their friends. If you don’t gain their trust at the first time, you are bound to lose a permanent customer.

          Printing t-shirts with a specific niche
* This is one of the most preferred business plans among all of the above. Most of the time a person who gets an order for personalized t shirts also will have a collection of t-shirts with a specific niche in his store.
* A niche means a specific topic. The niche of this blog is ‘business ideas’. There are people who sell t shirts with such niche. Popular topics are funny t shirts with quotes, jokes, images, cartoon figures. Choose such niche which people may love to wear.
* For Indians I can suggest some niche for t shirt printing. If you want to sell a unique type of t shirts in India, you can choose from different languages, film stars, famous places, hundreds of gods and even quotes from Bhagavad Gita,Qur’an, the bible. Choose something in which people have respect or interest. Make sure that your designing is catchy and beautiful. Don’t violate copyright laws.
* You can market them on social media, or you can pay google for advertising. Or you can make deals with some affiliate marketers on the net( I’m an affiliate marketer).

          Opening an online t-shirt store
* Suitable for tech geeks, students, but not that difficult for others, thanks to services like Shopify who make building online stores easier for amateurs.
* You don’t have to be a t shirt maker to open an online t shirt store. Now a days, you can setup your own online stores in minutes with the help of services like Shopify. It’s inexpensive and comfortable. There are stores who don’t manufacture t shirts but act  as the medium between the customers and the t shirt designers.
* All you have to do is to set up a store and make strategic advertising. The best part is that you will have the freedom to sell things other than just t shirts. But my suggestion is that don’t make fool of yourself by trying to give competition for bigger online stores like Amazon and Flipkart, instead try to sell unique kind of T shirts or any other products that are sold only in your store. Specific targeting is far better than broad approach.

           Brand creation through T shirt distribution
* Perfectly suitable for people who already own a business. If you are a subscriber for some famous youtube channels, then you know what I’m talking about.
* Selling T shirts with your company or organisation’s name on it is the new and effective way of advertising.
* Or , there are people who sell t shirts to create a brand to their group. For example, if you own an orphanage,hospital, college or school, or any other group,then you can sell t shirts with your logo on it to the members, staff,students,alumni, etc.. It creates a brand value of your own whenever your staffs or students wear it outside the campus.
* This is proven to be one of the most effective ways of increasing brand value with less investment.

           Selling T-shirt designs
* Suitable for students, canvas artists, tattoo artists, font artists, digital designers, and any others who have the skill of creating beautiful designs for t shirts.
* Some of the famous t shirt printers hire t shirt designers. But most of the buy design for their t shirts and tea cups/pots from other dealers. Most of the online t shirt stores have the option of buying your designs for money. One design will be rated around 15$-40$.
* This can be a very promising business for you if you are an artist because even one famous design can fetch you thousands of dollars. How? there are some online t shirt stores who buy these designs from you and give you a certain share of every unit of sale, like 3$ per one printed t shirt percentage wise like 15%-60%. So, if a single t shirt with your design on it goes viral, then it’s time for you to book your tickets to your dream vacation spot.
* I know that art is not everyone’s cup of cold coffee, but you don’t have to be a genius in designing. Sometimes , even a simple t shirt design gets viral like the “keep calm and-” series of t shirts. You just have to know the taste and requirements of the customers. And it’s never a bad idea to try it once because it has zero cost expenditure.

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