Bungee jumping as a business: A business plan

Bungee Jumping business plan

If you are an adventure junkie, then I’m 100% sure that you have experienced or have heard of bungee jumping. It’s a 21st century adrenaline sport specially made for adventure freaks. But have you ever observed that bungee jumping is becoming more and more successful business idea day by day? Yes , now a days bungee jumping is a very hot business which has a lot of capital raising potential. In this article, lets talk about the practical chance of owning a successful bungee jumping business.

What is bungee jumping?
As I have mentioned earlier, it’s an adrenaline sport in which you are tied with a flexible, elastic bungee cord to your knee(in most of the cases.But in some cases, waist or hand is also tied) and you are made to free fall from a considerably scary height of average 40- 150 meters. Most of the bungee jumping sites offer a free fall from either a tall building or a water fall, or a anywhere you have a nice view of the surrounding.

Types of bungee jumping

1.Free fall jumping– where you need to jump from a steep height and after some oscillations, you will be pulled up.business excavator-bungee jumping business
2.Bungee jumping using trampoline – it’s a setup with a net all around and you will be launched from the ground using spring force of the ropes attached to you and there will be a trampoline below you to push you up every time you come down.It will be of less height oscillation and its ideal for those who fear height.bungee business

How much does it cost me to start a bungee jumping business?

That’s a legitimate question. One should always have an estimation of his business expenditures. Bungee jumping free fall setup will cost you around 20000-50000$, but a mobile bungee trampoline set is available from even 3000$ and on. These sets are movable and easy to make business with. I could not find any service/website which is ready to setup a full free fall system on one go, but there are websites like thespiderjump.com(US made), trampolineparkfactory.com(China made, but heard that it has a good feedback), and Indiatrampoline.com(for Indians, I recommend you to check out this website. So far, they are found to be the cheapest yet good quality trampoline providers in India.)

If you are planning to set up a free fall bungee system, then you need to find a place where you establish the bungee cage(a box like place where you fall from and where the cord is tied to.) In urban areas, a skyscraper would be an ideal place for that. It can also be done using a crane. Once your place is set up, next thing you have to worry about are the bungee equipment. You will have to buy them from either a single dealer or multiple stores.

-A place where you launch your bungee jumping business.
-Legal permit from your local/state authority and insurance for your business(Its mandatory in developed nations, I don’t have any idea about developing countries).
-Bungee jumping kit (which includes cords, ropes, and body guards like helmet).
-A mind with patience and marketing skills.

How much can I earn from opening a bungee jumping business?
I can only give you a theoretical estimation of your turnover, provided you have made a good marketing of your business.
– Bungee jumping prices for a small-scale bungee jumping site (free fall jumping)can be set somewhere between 60$-200$ per person. Its less in case of trampoline. It’s not an ever green business, its seasonal. So, lets say you get 15 customers a week on worst case scenario, then your turnover will be nearly 900$-3000$ a week. Famous bungee jumping sites get more than 40 customers a day.
– A bungee jumping trampoline seems to be more profitable to me because of its mobility and economical aspects. You can set them up where ever you want and change the place whenever you want. And people are more likely to give it a try unlike the previous one which is both scary and more risky. Even if you fix a rate of 30$ per person, you can have your investment back with 100 customers or so,and whatever you get after that is a pure profit.

Bungee jumping in India
Being an Indian, I need to tell people living in countries like India that bungee jumping is unknown to many classes of the population here. Unlike western countries, you need to first create awareness of the existence of this sport to attract more masses. The best places to start with are the colleges. These colleges( specially the engineering colleges) host college fests where you can ask the college authorities to set up your trampolines. It’s possible to get a chance of approval because those fests are more of a commercial show off than talent shows, and every college wants its fests to be more colorful than its rival colleges. I feel bad that they have become more commercial, but who cares, everyone needs his stomach filled at the end of the day.

Final note on marketing
No business will survive without a proper marketing strategy. There are thousands of bungee jumping sites around the world. If you want to build a successful business, then you need to be smarter than your competitors. Advertise your business on local adventure websites and blogs,news papers,college websites, radio stations etc… Create a brand. Provide your customers a totally awesome service(like serving tea, or cool drinks, and engaging them in other interesting activities.once you gain the heart of a customer, he will become a permanent customer). So, this is all about bungee jumping business, all the best.

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    So, this is an article on bungee jumping. Feel free to ask any questions. I would be more than happy to help you..

    1. Rigzin says:

      Please let me know from where to buy the equipments from India..

      1. Ananta Bhat says:

        I found only one commercial trampoline supplier on Amazon. Maybe you can buy them and alter them yourself. Here’s the link – http://amzn.to/2j5RiU3
        . As for the bungee jumping equipment suppliers, I haven’t found any Indian sellers. Most items are either shipped from Australia, China or the US.
        You will have to order the items on a special request.

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    Could you break down how the startup costs for freefall would reach $20-50,000? Start up costs I can think of are bungee cords, harnesses, some smaller equipment, and rights to jump somewhere (getting a permit for an existing bridge seems easiest to me). Things like insurance, marketing, etc. I don’t consider as “startup” costs because they are continuously being paid for the lift of the business.

    1. Ananta Bhat says:

      You seem to have missed the cost of insurance. Fixed insurance policies for adventure businesses are normally high and some governments compel you to have one before starting your business. The amount of money, though, depends on the country you are in. Also, it is always good to have at least TWICE as much the money you may need to start a business.

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