What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Every single day, thousands of people start their business journey with a hope of success. Nearly 70% of them fail desperately. Whenever you tell your friend that you are going to start a business, they always come up with a story of some unknown asshole who did the same business and failed.

You don’t get a lot of good responses while starting a business because ordinary people don’t trust in business, they trust in jobs which is totally ironic because jobs are created by the same entrepreneurs. We normally ask others’ opinions before starting a business because we don’t know if we are going to make it to that other team of 30% .

All these circumstances rise a fundamental question, and that is, am I a good candidate for starting a business? The answer is yes. Because business is a skill that can be mastered. If someone can master it, you can too.

If you are wondering whether you should start a business or not, then asking others is the first mistake you can make. You know about yourself better than them. So,if you want to know whether you are a good candidate for starting a business or not, then you just have to answer yourself three following questions,

1. Am I a good learner?
Did you say yes? Good, you can proceed to the next question. Because only a person who is ready to learn has the chance to earn. If your answer is no, then stop reading this article, switch off your device and start crying, because you have just lost the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. If there is anything common in all of the successful entrepreneurs is that they all are good learners. People who want to start a business but are not ready to learn are the same people who are going to be on the list of those 70% losers.

2. Am I ready to take risks?
Was your answer yes? Good, you can proceed to the next question, because an adventure always has its own risks and a business is an adventure.

3. Do I possess the art of patience?
Believe it or not, patience plays a bigger role while building a successful business than any other important factors. In fact, patience is the most valuable tool a human can get hold of.

That’s it. If you answered yes to every question, then you are the best candidate to start any kind of business. Only those who learn things quickly can run a business more reasonably. Only those who are ready to take risks can do the things that others can’t. And for only those who wait patiently, success opens its door.

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A successful business is all about selling something and selling it in the right way. The art of marketing is what a businessman has to be good at. And to master marketing skills you need to be a learner, you should take risks and you should wait patiently for the results. So, ultimately, if you satisfy all those three golden conditions, you are already an entrepreneur.

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2 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur”

  1. Nestor Paul says:

    Yes i agree that a successful business is all about selling something and selling it in the right way. at first i dont know how to do the right way but after reading your post i get a little bit of inspiration. thank you for sharing.

    1. Ananta Bhat says:

      You’re welcome, I’m happy that it helped you. All the best for your business.

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