Keeping All Your Earnings In Your Bank? How Dangerous And Stupid Is It?

The financial world is confusing. It is hard to spend and save at the same time. When you ask the experts, the unanimous answer that comes from them is to not save but invest your income. It is not easy as it sounds. Let’s say you earn 20000$/year. It would be stupidity to put it in a bank and wait for it to grow. Why? Inflation, that’s why.

Every investment doesn’t go as planned and every investment is not as safe as it sounds. As a matter of fact, there is no foolproof investment plan on this planet. But better investments make people rich and that’s what makes them immune to troubles like inflation, currency devaluation, debts, economic breakdowns etc…

The value of dollars is ever decreasing. Currency notes were made to build a better economy, but the currency notes have become the biggest liabilities these days. So you should be doing exactly what the millionaires and billionaires are doing to have a strong financial life. Name me one billionaire/millionaire who doesn’t buy commodities like stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate etc.. You know why they are investing so much in them? Because they know the real value of cash (fiat money).

What should I do?

diversify your income into bank savings, stocks, gold, and real estate. It is up to you how you divide your money and how much you put in one sector. I personally like the idea of investing in precious metals (physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc…) not just because they give higher returns over the time but also because they are the safest option for investment.

Why stocks?

– Little risky but if you learn to trade, you can easily make at least 8% profit on investment within a fortnight. I’m an active stock trader and I have made even 6% returns in a single day. Compared to what banks pay you, stock trading is 1000 times better. But, get some good training before you jump in. There is no room for being stupid while trading stocks.
– Stocks are the best investment option if you are planning to earn really high returns with high risks.
– Stocks are good for tax reduction.
– If you don’t know anything about stocks and if you don’t want to spend your time studying the stocks, you always have the option of investing in a better mutual fund and let them do the job for you.

Why gold?

If I had enough money, I would buy all the gold there is because that’s how important and profitable this commodity is. Gold is the building block of the currency system. No matter what, there is always a good demand for gold. And the best part is its hedge against inflation.
– Gold is a universal currency. So it has the highest liquidity only next to cash.
– Gold beats inflation, making it the most desirable investment over time.
– Gold is a highly used commodity. Unlike many other commodities, gold is used in so many industries and products.
– From 2006 to 2015, gold has given whopping 29% returns per annum on an average.
– Best for retirement plans. If you are planning for a better retirement plan, then gold IRA is the most desirable investment plan.

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