Everything you need to know about VR headsets before buying them

VR( virtual reality) headsets are the future of the gaming and software industry. There are many VR headsets which are already making news in the virtual reality industry. In this article let’s go through some of the most famous and talked about VR headsets so that it will be easy for you to select the perfect one for you.

We normally hesitate to do product review as it is not the reason why this blog is set up. But I thought it would help gaming business owners and individuals to choose the right one for their personal and commercial purposes.

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VR headsets can be divided into three types according to the type of hardware they use for data transfer.

1. VR headset that needs a VR compatible PC/laptop.
ex: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

2. VR headset that is exclusively made for game consoles.
ex: PlayStation VR from Sony, Xbox one VR from Microsoft, Oculus Rift.

3. VR headset that needs just a smart phone.
ex: Samsung Gear VR, freefly VR, Homido VR headset, Fiit VR headset.

Let’s look at all of them.
1. VR headsets that need vr compatible PC/laptop
These VR headsets are exclusively made to give you the VR effect at the peak level. The common features are the 360-degree view, total immersion, and mind-blowing software technology. However, you need special specifications in your computer to connect these VR headsets and run them. The famous ones are the HTC Vive and Oculus rift.

       a. HTC ViveHTC vive
Price: 799$
Availability: It can be shipped to only certain countries.
Description: HTC Vive is an actual definition of virtual reality experience. You feel like being in the place and the best part is you can walk around while enjoying the view, which is not possible in any other VR headsets. You need a high functioning laptop that can deliver the software needed to run the VR headset, there is a list of PCs on their website which can be used for the headset. You will be able to control everything through motion sensing controllers in your hand. You can directly buy it from the company website. Unfortunately, this is not available in India yet.

       b. Oculus RiftOculus rift
Price: 600$
Availability: Orders are open for oculus rift headsets. Developer sets are available. Recommend you to wait for the consumer product instead of buying developers kit.
Description: Oculus is the company which actually started all this VR surge. Just like the HTC Vive, you can experience full immersion in the virtual world and enjoy the 360-degree view with oculus rift headsets. Only thing is that it is quite expensive. But, that is not at all a big deal if you are here to enjoy the graphics and the VR experience. And the best part is you can use an Oculus VR to your Xbox console to unlock the virtual reality experience of the XBox games. You can buy it from  Amazon if you can’t wait.

2. VR headsets that are exclusively made for game consoles
These VR headsets are exclusively being developed to connect to the game consoles. If you don’t know what is a game console, well, it’s just a hardware box that enables you to play mind-blowing games on the big screen.

       a. PlayStation VRplaystation vr headset
Price: 400$
availability: Not available yet. But pre orders can be done.
Description: PlayStation VR has already created a lot of curiosity among the PlayStation owners even before releasing. It will be out for the customers on 13 October 2016. You can pre-order the sets from their website.

       b. Xbox VR Headset
It’s actually the same Oculus Rift VR headsets. In fact, people were expecting a new VR headset product from Microsoft, but they are not in a mood of launching their own separate VR headset for Xbox.

3. VR headsets that need just a smart phone.
hese headsets are actually ruling the virtual reality industry, mainly because they are user-friendly. You don’t need to have a whole lot of technical knowledge to run them. All you have to do is to insert your smart phone in the slot, and you are good to go.

      a. Samsung Gear VRsamsung gear vr headsets
Price: 99$
Availability: Shipped worldwide. Sold on Amazon too.
Description: Probably the best of its kind and the best for commercial use.Samsung Gear VR headset is a wireless product developed by Samsung in collaboration with Oculus. So, there is nothing much to explain about the quality of the product, it’s awesome.With 96-degree field view, you can play games, watch movies in the virtual theatre and even see the city scape in a 360-degree view just after keeping your Samsung smart phone in front of it. But the catch here is that you can only use smartphones like S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 EDGE, note5 to make it work. But if you are planning to buy a new phone along with the VR headset, then it’s the best choice.

       b. Freefly VRFreefly VR headset
Price: 80$
Availability: Available on Amazon, the company website. Shipped worldwide.
Description: Perfect product for commercial use, one of the most 5 star reviewed headsets (only next to Samsung gear vr). The best thing is that you can use any android/ios/windows smart phone which has 4.7-6.1 inch screen, but there are some specifications that are to be met. You get the VR headset with a controller(works only for android). With a huge 120 degree field view, you can watch awesome 360 degree 3D videos, play games and much more. There is no serious downfall that I could find.

       c. Homido VR headsethomido VR headset
Price: 64$
Availability: World wide shipping. Available on their website and Amazon.
Description: With a 100-degree field view, and a good review from the owners, Homido is yet another choice for you if you own any recently launched smartphones. Homido does everything that Freefly VR does apart from the fact that Freefly is comfier.

      d. Card board/ plastic VR headsets
There are many such VR headsets which can satisfy the VR thirst. The prices are as low as 10$ or so and they serve you well according to their price. You can buy them to get an idea of how virtual reality actually works. The pioneer in such experimental VR headsets is google cardboard. There are many other VR headsets listed on Amazon, eBay or other online markets. Fiit VR headsets are getting good reviews in this category.

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