Best Business Ideas To Make Money

Here is a list of most affordable and best business ideas to make money you can try with least investment and least knowledge about the business.

1. Water walking balls business

Water walking balls are giant, inflatable plastic balls which can accommodate one or two humans. You can float on water while being inside the balls. It is an entertainment business where you can lease such water balls to the tourists for some fees. It is also used as a fitness tool. All you need is some water walking balls and a water body.
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2. Drinking water supply business.

With an unprecedented urbanization, we are all facing a serious scarcity of drinking water. This is the best time to start a water purifying unit and help people get better access to drinking water. From what I have heard from the water suppliers, this is a surprisingly profitable business if done correctly. What you need is a water resource, at least water purifying machine, a bit of a land, containers and transportation means.
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3. Paddle boat business.

Paddle boat business is one of the easiest businesses in water entertainment industry. It is one of the businesses you can start with a very low-budget. All you need is a water body which at least 15 tourists a day, some fancy paddle boats. It can be a very profitable business if you know how to convert all the tourists as your customers.
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4. Table tennis club business

If you are a sports enthusiast, then starting a seasonal table tennis club is a cool idea. Even though the competition is too much in the metropolitan cities, you can concentrate on towns and villages for your customers. It needs a bit of extra money for external advertising too. A big room or even a private park can serve you as the sporting area.
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5. Board games club business

If not table tennis, you can start with other board games like chess, billiards, table football, carrom and other indoor board games. People love to play such games. And it can serve them as a place to meet and arrange little parties. Such clubs are normally accompanied with eateries. So, you can earn a little extra from selling them too.
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6. Setting up game-watching cafe 

Many people in the urban areas love to watch sports and games in groups. You can offer them a fancy place where they can come and watch matches. Most of the beer stores have these facilities. You can serve some special food while they sit and watch the game. You can collect entrance fees from them or you can advertise about other companies and services, apps, or other stores to the crowd.

7. Gym and fitness center business.

There are more people than you could think of who want to go to the gym and work out every day. People love being fit but they hate working out for themselves. They need a place where they can join others and get trained by someone who knows how to work out their bodies. A gym or a fitness center is a more sensible business than any of the businesses in an urban area. All you need is a good place, the equipment, and a fitness coach. It sure needs a lot of money to make arrangements for the business but it is a very profitable business once it is set up.

8. Home made food production business.

There are countless stores where you get home-made food. Have you ever wondered producing any of them on a commercial scale? The homemade food business is a good idea, but be careful, because not every food that is produced will sell for a good price on the market. Be wise while choosing the kind of food you want to sell to the crowd. This one of the best business ideas to make money.
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9. Starting a YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel can be a very popular business nowadays. There are people who started this business with no or very little money and are earning in millions.
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10. Blogging

how to start a blog business
how to start a blog business

If you are a good writer, then there is no better business for you than blogging. Blogging, just like any other businesses, is very simple yet not easy. Anyone can blog, but anyone cannot build a living out of blogging. It depends on your smart work and marketing skills.

11. Writing books

Most of them, who wrote famous books never thought that they would write a book one day which would make them famous. Writing is not in your genes, it’s an art that can be mastered. So why don’t you write a book using your own wild imagination? And you don’t even have to think about the publishing cost. Nowadays with services like Kindle, publishing your book is not a cumbersome process at all. There are many other places on the internet where publishing needs no money. So, all you have to do is to sit and write books.
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12. Storage business

If you have a reasonably big land, then you might consider building a storage house. Many of the stuff we use daily need a storage system. Food, grains, industrial products, metals, furniture, or even byproducts of garbage. You can start independent storage points or you can make deals with the other manufacturers. Many companies produce in a quantity that totally fills their first point storage. Your land can serve them as a second point storage for an emergency. It is a B to B business, so you have to find a client before building your storage house. It is one of the best business ideas to make money in the long run.

13. Recycling/ reusing business

One of the most despised, but totally profitable business. Since we have desired machine types in the recycling markets, setting up a recycling unit is not a cumbersome process. There are many things that you can choose to recycle or reuse. Cooking oil from the hotels can be processed to make biodiesel. You can recycle paper, plastic, or clothes. The choice is yours. This is one of the best business ideas to make money with low investment.

14. Manufacturing solar appliances and selling.

Many small-scale companies manufacture appliances like solar cooker, solar lamps, solar water heaters, There are many companies who manufacture solar cells which are then modified accordingly for different appliances. Urban areas have every access to such solar appliances, but it is the rural population which is in need of such appliances. So, if you make arrangements to reach the rural population economically, then there is a better marginal profit. Manufacturing your own solar appliance is a better choice. You can also offer services like fitting a third party solar appliances and repairing them.

15. Selling preserved biological specimen.

It a very rare kind of business only suitable for people who are passionate about it. Every biological institute collects certain preserved specimens of plants, animals, and microorganisms for studies and lectures. Such specimens have a lot of value due to their demand and cumbersome production process. All you need to know is to make them and sell them to the desired customers.
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16. Biogas production unit and installation business

Biogas production has been proved to be one of the most profitable alternatives to the traditional domestic fuels but the advancement in that area is never been taken seriously. Proper implementation of the resources and technology can result in an immense business opportunity. There are certain innovations which have been made in recent years but those innovations have not reached everywhere. You can see a very strong business opportunity in producing biogas and installing such units in the desired areas.

17. Pet care center business

If you love animals, then you would probably love this job. There are many people who go to their offices or workplaces leaving their pets in the house. The presence of a pet care makes their job easy. But such businesses can only become successful in well-populated areas. You can even start pet refreshment center where people take their pet for a massage and a proper bath.

18. Pet raising business

Unlike animal husbandry, pet rising is a very sensitive business but can prove to be profitable if you know how to sell. Pets like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits are commonly raised to be sold to the interested.

19. E-waste collection and recycling business

Of all the recycling processes, e-waste recycling is a special and profitable business, because you will be extracting precious metals and usable appliances from the electronic junks, which are very costly to get otherwise. E-waste collectors collect waste through online or from IT firms around them. There are certain chemical and physical methods to extract what you want.

20. Dairy farming business

dairy farming business
dairy farming business

Humans have been rearing cows for ages and it has been proven to be a life-saving business for millions of farmers around the world. With the current technological progress, diary farm owners are making millions of dollars. The milk industry is a large, stable and promising industry. So, starting your own dairy or even small herd of 4 to 5 breeding cattle is all you want to make a living out of.

21. Raising special animals and birds 

This is a good business if you are here to try an adventure. There are many animals and birds which are raised just like traditional domestic animals like cows, sheep, and chickens. Emu, for an example, is famous for its eggs, turkeys have a very strong demand for their meat. And there are many such animals and birds which you can specifically breed. Just make sure you have a buyer before you breed them. If not, start your own restaurant where you can sell the food exclusively.

22. Fishery business

Fish Farming
Fish Farming

The fishery can be a good business where you don’t raise a fish easily. Nowadays fishes are being grown in tanks, it is much safer and economical than traditional fishery and can generate a massive regular income.
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23. Honey bee farming business

It is fascinating when you realize that in this business thousands of small bees work for you and you get to make a ton lot of money. Honey bee farming is an adventurous business where you can learn a lot about nature while earning money. But only a person with passion about bees can pursue such a business. Spending time with the bees can be dangerous, especially for those who are allergic to them. But it surely is the most profitable business in animal husbandry because not just the honey has a good price, but even the bee’s wax fetches a good price. So, nothing actually goes to waste in this business.

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24. Animal feed producing business

If you have pets or cattle, you might have come across these animal feeds that are produced from the husks and grind waste of various grains. Such leftovers are normally thrown out. But some people collect them to make pet feeds of different kinds. People pay so much for such animal feed because you cannot feed them grass every time. This is a very simple yet profitable business, in fact it is one of the best business ideas to make money. All you have to do is to collect the leftovers from the mills and process them into animal feed.

25. Fish pedicure business

Have you ever heard of Garra rufa? The fish pedicure is one of the fanciest businesses and there are very few people who pursue such businesses. It can totally be viewed as an entertainment business as very fewer people come there to get a pedicure. Most of them come to enjoy the tickling sensation of the fishes. You can also start this business from home.
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26. Aquarium business plan

If you know to work with glass, then producing aquarium can be very profitable. Producing aquariums is better than producing glass furniture as aquarium units are sold at a very fancy price. You need to be more innovative and you have to know whom to sell them in order to succeed in this business.

27. Spirulina production business

Known as the superfood, spirulina is an alga which has a huge demand in the ‘health and beauty supplements’ industry. They are normally grown in large water tanks. The harvested spirulina is either dried and powdered or the wet Spirulina is shipped to beauty parlors for facials. A kilogram of spirulina can fetch more than 20-35 dollars and if they are converted into pills, then they can fetch more.

28. Mushroom growing business

Known for the soups, mushrooms can make miracles in terms of profit. This is among the best business ideas to make money with consistency.  Initial setup is bit money consuming, but once you start harvesting, you will not have to invest a lot of money. And profit is considerably high depending on how you sell them. 
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29. Bonsai business plan

More known as a hobby than a business. But hobbies become businesses more often. Bonsai trees have a lot of demand in urban areas. But there are very fewer number people who supply bonsai trees for money. A single bonsai tree can fetch hundreds of dollars if not thousands depending on its shape, popularity, and age. There is still a large part of the population which does not even know such an art exists. If you have the time and patience to build a customer group, then it is a very promising business.
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30. Setting up a plant nursery

If you have a considerably large farm land, you might consider starting a plant nursery. You can choose the plants according to your locality and demand. Nursery business has been a very promising option for people as it is a contract business. Many types of different fruits, furniture woods, flowers, fancy and decorative plants are grown first in a nursery and then they are shifted to the fields. If you know which plant has a good demand in your locality, then try out your luck with a small nursery so that you can expand it later if found profitable.

31. Seed business

Many companies in the agricultural field make more money selling seeds than selling plant supplies. People may not need chemicals every year, but they need seeds every year. That is one of the many reasons why selling seed is one of the most promising businesses.

32. Blogging

If you love to write, then blogging is a good job for you. There are numerous blogs making tons of money every month. Not just that you can earn money from blogging, it is one of the best ways to express yourself in front of the world.

33. Starting an online store

In this era of internet, the whole world is shifting towards online services. We may have bigger online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba where most of the people shop online. But there are other smaller online stores which make a profit because of their uniqueness and advertising. You can actually start your own online store within minutes through platforms like Shopify. Many stores become famous because they provide products/services that you cannot get anywhere else. If you have such a product or a service, then starting an online store is a great idea.

34. Website/app designing service

If you are a techie, then you know what I’m talking about. Web designing is one of the hottest business opportunities right now. Millions of websites come into existence every year and most of the websites are maintained by a third party programmers who help the owner to run his website. If you know how to make a website, then you can start your own service company and offer business owners a good website or an app.

35. Affiliate marketing through email

Email marketing is not a conventional business but there are people who earn a considerably large amount of money through sending affiliate links to email addresses that they have gained through a ‘legal method’. Email marketing is not considered as spamming if people on your email list have subscribed to what you have to offer. But, building such a list is really difficult. Apart from that, this is one of the best business ideas to make money.

36. Candle making

If you ever want to start a candle making business, then better make luxury candle as they are the ones which are sold nowadays. People think that candle making business cannot hold for many years, but on the contrary, the demand for aromatic and other special candles is rising day by day. This is surely one of the best business ideas to make money.
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37. Perfume making

One of the ancient arts humans have mastered. Most of us use them at least once in our life on various occasions. Perfume making is not a hidden art anymore. Anyone can make simple perfumes with a bit of knowledge on the chemicals and the process. People have even written many books revealing the art of perfume making. Selling a perfume needs a brand value. So, if you already own a brand that is famous, then perfume making can be an easy business. Or else, you will have to build your own brand.

38. Soap making

Just like the perfumes, soap making is also a game of brands. Creating a good brand with a good product is the main key in this business. Most of the soap making companies started small, and many of those companies worth millions today.

39. Silk production unit

Silk thread is actually processed in small silk thread production units and is then later sold to bigger silk clothing factories. Even though silk is produced mostly in China and India, people have started producing silk in many countries due to its high price. If your climate allows you, you can actually start growing silkworms in your own backyard with a suitable setup which make it one of the best business ideas to make money . Silk thread sells for much money than any other thread that is used for clothing.

40. Origami business

Even though origami is a seasonal business, you can actually make a living out of it if you know how to sell them. Origami is an art of making stuff out of paper like unique paper designs, Christmas stars, sky lanterns, and kites. There are many people who buy such things on eBay and amazon. The sales go skyrocketing during the days of festivals. It is a good business for those who want to be at home and earn money.

41. Salon and facial centers

Beauty has always been a prominent priority for humans. Many people spend a lot of their hard earned money to look good. So, starting a salon or a beauty parlor is a good option. In many countries, you need to have a formal degree to be a beautician. But you cannot be successful if you don’t have something special and unique to offer. One of the beauty parlors in my neighborhood gets a lot of visitors just for their special mud bath. This is one of the best business ideas to make money. That’s their special feature and many other such centers have their own special services to attract the customers.

42. Scuba diving set up

You might have heard of scuba diving. It’s a sport for the rich. You need a lot of money and permissions to start this business. But it’s one of the coolest businesses you can ever dream of owning.

43. Bungee jumping or trampoline business

Bungee jumping is a game of adventurers where people tie themselves with a bungee cord to their body and fall from a considerably scary height. Trampoline jumping is a less scary game than the first one. Most of the people who own such sporting companies earn in millions which have made this business one of the hottest businesses in the entertainment industry.
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44. Vehicle altering services

If you are a car or bike mechanic, or a person who has a passion towards vehicles, and looking for the best business ideas to make money, then this is a very suitable business for you. You can always find vehicle alteration service centers if you live in a populous city. Many people want their vehicles to look unique and they turn towards these service centers.

45. Photography

Many people become photographers out of passion and leave it when they get a proper job. But, there are many people including amateurs who earn more than 100$ a day just by selling their photographs. There are numerous platforms and ways to make money out of selling your photographs.

46. Root altering

Root altering is nothing but making different shapes of furniture using roots of the trees. Root altering is a part of furniture making but does not need much hard work. This was actually introduced as an art. Now it has emerged as one of the most important furniture styles.
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47. Glass molding

These days, glass molding is made easier with the machines. Some molders earn a lot by just supplying a single type of glass materials for other businesses. Others manufacture many kinds of designs and sell it directly to the customers. All it takes to succeed are the innovative marketing skills. This is one among the best business ideas to make money.

48. Small museums or exhibition centers

I have seen a museum that is of the size of a small church and it receives at least 15 visitors a day. Starting a museum is not a very difficult task. All you have to do is to pick up a topic and start collecting exciting things related to it and exhibit them to the people. Topics must be interesting and innovative. Many of the common topics are coins of different countries, paintings, photographs, costumes related to a culture, masks, stamps, special stones, scientific tools, weapons, and so on.

49. Antique shop business

Just like setting up a museum, you can also start an antique shop where you can buy and sell antique items. Nowadays you don’t even have to open a retail shop, an online shop is enough to make the dealings.

50. Starting an innovative food point

There are places which are more than just food points which serve you food in an innovative way. I have seen hotels with rotating floors, a traditional lunch service in a tree house, and food stores that float on water. There are thousands of such ways to attract people. Why can’t you invent your own way of attracting people and start selling something?
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51. Commercial drone business

drones have been the buzz for a while now. Every time a new machine comes to the market, people find innovative ways to make money out of them. Drones can be used as defect finders in high altitude industrial machines. Their camera can capture breathtaking images and videos that can later be sold on online markets, and their application in movies is raising day by day. But, the good news is very few people own commercial drone and still fewer people know how to navigate them. If you can spend some time on these drones, you can actually start your own commercial drone navigating company.
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52. A third  generation gaming cafe business

Starting your own video gaming business is one of the best choices you can make, especially if you love gaming. Many people love gaming and they need a place to experience new technologies of the gaming industry. It’s easier and cheap too.
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53. T- shirt printing business

This is one of the most affordable, safe and innovative, and the best business ideas to make money in this list. We have written a detailed article about this business here. Check out the whole article.

Business is all about selling. A good businessman sells what his customers want, a bad businessman sells what he wants. If you want to succeed, you need to understand your customers. Hope this list helps. If you want to start a different kind of business and if need to know how to make it a successful business, then please read the articles posted in the marketing section or you can ask your questions in the comment section.

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