4 most effective ways to increase your amazon sales.

Selling something on a store like amazon is a very tough task.There are hundreds of thousands of products on amazon. And you have to compete with them to get sales. If you want to sell on amazon,then you have to understand how amazon works. In this post, you are going to learn how you can increase your sales quickly in 3 months.

1. Increase your ranking. But how?
–Many products make very less sales or even no sales on amazon because they don’t rank higher in the search results of amazon. So, the important thing to do is to increase your ranking on amazon.

— Most of the famous amazon marketers trick the amazon algorithm by getting reviews and sales by their own people. It is natural that a product with more sales and more reviews rank higher in the search results of amazon.

— Make a list of 20 to 30 good friends and make them buy the product on amazon and leave a review. You can either give them money and make them purchase or tell them to buy it on their own. If this is done in a short period of 3 months after your product launch, then your product ranks higher in the search engine results.

2. Bid for keywords

— You might have seen amazon ads on google search when you type some product related keyword. You can also bid for your product ads for product related specific keywords on google ad words.

— You must be aware of how to advertise on google. If not , consider the example : if you are selling t-shirts, then you can bid for the keyword ‘where to buy t-shirts’. Now if someone types this keyword, then your product on amazon will show up as an advertisement on the search engine page.

— This is a very costly work. But it works well. And you have to pay google only when someone clicks on your advertisement.

— This helps in maximizing your sales on amazon, which directly helps in ranking higher on product’s list of amazon.

— This system is also available on Facebook and twitter. If the social media platforms are used wisely, they can change your way of living itself.

3. Social media buzz

— Many products that are sold on amazon have their own social media page for marketing. Marketing your product on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook and linkedin. They help you build your brand. Make sure they are monitored every week. For some of the producers, 80% of their selling comes from social media marketing.

4. Press influence

— Normally, bigger companies make press conferences during the launch of their products. It need a lot of money. If you cannot afford a media conference, then you can try the alternate methods.

— There are people/influencers who make product reviews on YouTube, blogs, and news magazines. Make a list of all such people and try to contact them personally. Send them a free sample of the product and ask them if they can make a product review on their respective platforms.

— Press influence is not for maximizing the sales, but it helps in building a brand value and trust over your product. It is very important when it comes to marketing.

— This is a very long and tiresome process. But if you want your products to be heard, then you will have to make some tiresome works.

Selling on amazon is all about ranking high. Other things only help you to further your business. Top most important thing to understand here is no matter how good your product is, it will not be sold if it does not rank higher on amazon. So, you have to focus on getting good reviews and sales as soon as you launch your product.

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