Local Business Marketing Strategy : The newspaper trick

Are you looking for a simple and effective local business marketing strategy? This age old newspaper trick might be the one you are looking for.

If there is any old business marketing strategy that still works great, then it is the ‘newspaper trick’. News paper trick is not so good way to promote a global business, but it is an awesome way to promote regional businesses and geo-targeted businesses.

Well, it’s quite simple, putting your ads on newspapers are not the only way to advertise through newspapers. Back in times, people used to put their advertisement chits (pamphlets) inside the news papers before their distribution to the local people, and it is being continued till now. This method is proved to be one of the best and economical ways to promote a regional business. All you have to do is to pay the regional distributors or the paper boys.

— Economically very cheap compared to other advertising ideas.
— Very good for a regional business.
— Has the potential to reach thousands of homes at a time. All you have to do is to spend an hour before distribution.
— Helps verbal advertising among communities.
— Creates a regional brand and authority in the region.
— Better than putting ads on the news papers, as your personal copy inside the paper attracts more people than the ads on the paper submerged among other news.

–There are some countries which have regulations on distribution of such pamphlets. If your government has more power and control on every aspects of your life, then there is a good chance that such practices are already been banned in the region.
Fix: check if you have any such regulations in your region. Make sure your pamphlet does not contain any kind of provocative images or contents.
–If your ad is not attractive enough, people may not even bother looking at it.
Fix: Try to print colorful pamphlets with attractive designs and images. Cross check if your spouse/relatives bother looking at it. If your pamphlet goes unnoticed, then change it. Your pamphlets should be in such a way that it should compel the readers to look at it.

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