How to Start A Banner Towing Business Or Aerial Advertising

What is banner towing business? You might have seen giant balloons hanging around in the city squares with some messages or logo printed on it, or you might have come across big trucks carrying political or commercial advertisements behind them or even flying banners behind planes. This is a hot business opportunity right now and is growing rapidly with high demand.

Business: Banner advertising with the help of private jets, giant helium balloons or big trucks.
Business type: Marketing, business to business.
Most Suitable For: People with ppl certificate, people owning a private jet, or people with a lot of money.
Basic requirements: A private jet/ helium balloons/big trucks, ad printing/painting facilities, permits from the city authority.

How Banner towing business work?

These types of mass advertising techniques are always in demand as they have been proved to be the most effective advertisement techniques of all time. A study by a French marketing group states that nearly 90% of all the people who saw an aerial advertisement remembered what the aerial advertisement was about.

All you have to do is to provide the service of towing your customer’s ads on a truck or some vehicle. You don’t necessarily have to come up with innovative and eye catching ideas for your customers while deploying campaigns. But, if you are innovative, then you can offer ad designing services as well for extra money.

What are the types of banner advertising business?

⦁ Banner towing behind a truck or a similar vehicle.
⦁ Flying banners behind planes
⦁ Aerial advertising using a hot air balloon or a giant helium balloon.

Who are the customers for my banner towing business?

Well, the answer depends on how smartly you make a deal. Commonly, you can find your potential customers among commercial businesses and services, political parties, religious institutions, educational institutions, rich individuals who want to surprise their partners and anyone who wants to deliver a message to the masses.

How much does an airplane banner cost? And How much should I charge my customers?

It depends on what kind of an ad are you displaying and for how much time you are going to display the advertisement. A normal 3m*6m advertisement behind a private jet costs about 300$ – 800$ in the US, and it varies from one country to another.
Same calculations go for other types of advertising businesses too. Find out how much money you need to create the specific advertisement banner, add the fuel cost and other expenses to it and you will roughly get the idea of how much you should charge your customers.

What do I need to do to start a banner towing business?

Make a business model and figure out what are the services you can provide to your customer. Find a printing company or you can hire people who can paint the ads according to your wish. If you are a pilot with a ppl certificate then find a private aircraft owner and make a business deal with them.
The next step is to list out all the potential customers in the city or in your area and find out an economical way to reach them.
Register your business. You may also have to take special permits from the local authorities to fly over the city’s aerospace.

Marketing tips for your banner towing business

Thankfully this business needs one-time marketing. You will start getting offers soon after your initial ad campaigns. Many of the ad towing business owners advertise their phone numbers on the banners to get clients. It is up to you how you attract your customers.

1. Organise free campaigns in the beginning. This is one of the best ways to kick-start your business.
2. Make sure your ads are funny or attractive enough for people to remember it when they notice your banners.
3. Customise your ad campaigns according to your clients. Customers always love a flexible service provider.
4. Provide special offers during festivals, elections, and college admission seasons.

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