Tea Distribution Business Plan

It has been always said that  tea is the fuel of the working class. Most of the companies/ factories and other institutions have their own arrangements  to offer tea/ coffee to their employees and customers. Here is a comprehensive tea distribution business plan to maximize your profit.

Business Pitch- supplying tea and snacks directly to vendors, industrial and factory employees and other customers.
Business type – Beverage supply services.
Most suitable for – People with very less budget.

But,  there are  some startups, low wage factories and industries that don’t have these facilities and the employees have to go out of the campuses just to have a cup of tea.

Your business starts here. You can offer  beverages like coffee, tea and snacks to these kinds of employees. You can either make arrangements with employees or you can talk to the employer himself and make deals to serve these beverages for a good amount of profit. There are people  who serve  tea  and coffee to Street vendors and  daily wage workers everyday.  But it is easier for you to make money if you get a bulk order from either a company or a factory. This ensures a constant and consistent income rather than selling  on the street .

Where do I get to  sell tea in bulk?
There are Places where you can go and apply for a contract to serve tea and other beverages,  these places are the places where you get most of the the bulk order opportunities

*  Small factories-  factories with minimum wage employees care too little about the the the employees and  normally the employees don’t get to have The Perks of having a break Time snack or tea.

* Retail vendors –  although these kinds of people don’t give you bulk orders, you can still make 1 a consistent earning through  serving more such vendors everyday.  It takes time to build it a customer base  but once you build a base, it is easier to carry on.

*  Hospitals –   try to approach Hospital staff  and talk to the authorities if they can make arrangements to serve coffee/tea and  other snacks and beverages to the staff directly. Normally, even the patients and their families staying in the hospital  are  also your potential customers.

* Colleges – Selling tea is easier in colleges, if you make sure that you are not violating any  campus laws then colleges are a good customer base. you can either approach the campus authorities or you can sell directly e to the students themselves.

* Construction sites – Normally the workers in a construction site come from different places and are new to the area of construction. They either stay in the construction area or  come to the site during the construction and go back to their homes.  It can serve you as a hot-spot of customers as they would love to have a regular tea supplier.

What do I need to start a tea distribution business?
Even if you do not wish to sell tea from a stall, you may still need to have a place where you prepare it to sell it somewhere else. Basic requirements include commercial gas connection, tea making ingredients, kettles and other utensils, serving cups among other things.

Investment required start my tea distribution business

This business does not require a lot of money, but it requires your time. Most people start off with 6000 rupees or less (100$-200$). Your ultimate goal is to nearly sell 200 cups a day to survive in this business, whether you do it with bulk orders or by selling to individuals is up to you. The biggest investment is the gas connection followed by other daily expenses like milk, sugar, ginger, and tea packs of your choice.

There are so many business opportunities in the tea distribution business, but it can be quite tricky to find the perfect one for you. Some people  make huge profits selling different types of tea products and powders on a wholesale level, others run fancy tea stalls where they sell hundreds of types of tea based drinks from all across the world.

If you don’t have such financial capabilities, then starting as a street side tea vendor is safe for you. In countries like India, you can get such unique opportunities in Indian railways, public hot-spots, tourism hot-spots where all you need to do is to fill up a form and get approved as a certified vendor to start your business.

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