Tea Distribution Business Plan : Best Business Plans

Business- supplying tea directly to customers
Business type – beverage supply.
Most suitable for – People with very less budget.

There is a saying that tea is the fuel of the working class. Almost every company/ factory/ institution has its own arrangements to offer tea/ coffee to their employees and customers.
But not all companies/ factories offer the luxury of such drinks to their employees. especially in developing countries, employees have to move out of their work place during break hours just to have a cup of tea.
This is where you get in. Normally tea vendors make arrangements with the employees or the managers so that they can offer them tea on a daily basis. Such bulk arrangements make it easy for you to sell more cups in a day and have a constant income.

Where Do I Get To Sell Tea In Bulk?
Here is a list of places where you can go and sell tea directly to your customers in bulk. Bulk orders are very important in tea supply business.
* Small factories – There are small factories where you can talk to the managers and seal a deal for bulk orders.
* Retail vendors – These are the potential permanent customers. A hundred such customers a day are enough for you to get the cash flowing in.
* Hospitals – Hospitals are sure shots when it comes to tea vending.
* College students – you can always sell left-off tea in front of a college campus within minutes. Just make sure you don’t violate any campus rules.
* Construction sites – Hot spots for tea vendors. Construction workers often prefer regular tea supply throughout their stay time in construction sites. You can talk to the main engineers/contractors for a fair deal. You may get regular orders for months if not years from these people. But, if they leave, there’s always other worker parties around the cities.

What Do I Need To Start a Tea Supply Business?
A gas connection, stove, utensils to make tea, kettles (big size, preferably 20 litres ) and paper cups. Make sure that the tea cups are disposed properly.

How Much Should I Invest to Start A Tea Supply Business?
This business does not require a lot of money, but it requires your time. Most people start off with 6000 rupees or less (100$-200$). Your ultimate goal is to sell 500 cups a day, whether you do it with bulk orders or by selling to individuals is up to you.

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