How To Open A Driving School Business

driving school business

How to open a driving school business? Starting a driving school business is one of the best part-time business options, especially if you have an extra car to spare. There are many people who provide private driving lessons to others in their spare time on an hourly basis. It should be noted that this business is a good option only when you are expecting profit in the long run.

Some driving crash course instructors say that it will take at least 2 years for them to break even in the driving school business. So, if you need quick money, this is surely not an option. So, let’s learn how to open a driving school business.

Business: Opening a car driving school.
Business type: Skill related, part-time.
Basic requirements: vehicles, traffic permits, certified driving instructor permits, insurance.

Many teens don’t bother going to a professional driving school but they prefer short-term driving crash courses. So, it is up to you whether you start a professional or a small-sized driving business.


Expenses in this business mainly depend on the vehicles, insurance, and maintenance. If you want to cut your maintenance expenses, then it is recommended to buy new affordable cars. Second-hand cars usually get more troublesome in the long run.

One thing that bothers most of the driving school owners is the mileage of the vehicles. Some say that the success in this business depends on how well you take care of the mileage issue. You need to keep nearly 40%- 45% of your investment capital for the fuel consumption and collateral expenses. Other expenses include insurances, permits and parking places.

How To Open A Driving School Business and make money?

Just like any other business, you are providing a service here. You can teach people who want to drive to drive properly. There are n number of vehicles you can provide your services with like cars, trucks, earth movers, or any other heavy vehicles that need special training. Normally, the prices are calculated on an hourly basis.

Calculate things like fuel price, your labour charge per hour, overhead costs of running the business and investment costs before charging your customer. This gives you a rough sketch of how much you should charge per hour of service. You can also put a price on your services competitively if you have a competitor nearby. Word of mouth is a very big factor in marketing this business. So, keep your customers happy.

Provide your customers a range of driving crash courses

As mentioned earlier, many people don’t bother getting professional driving lessons, so offer them with different varieties of driving crash courses from which they can choose the most suitable driving course.
This method is proven to be the most cost-efficient method of classifying the customers. It also helps you to manage your time as an instructor.

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