Dry ice shipping business

Business – to manufacture and ship dry ice cubes for restaurants and beverage vendors.
Business Type – Manufacturing.
Most suitable for – Anyone.

This is one of those experimental business plans that you should try for fun. People often don’t use dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), so you need to build a customer base to succeed in this business.

What is dry ice?
Have you ever wondered how movie makers create a cloudy gaseous atmospheres in their sets? Or how your famous ice cream parlor gives you that ice cream filled with white gas?Well, the answer is dry ice. Dry ice is nothing but carbon dioxide freezed into solid cubes. You can produce dry ice using many simple methods with liquid CO2. Dry ice is very famous because it sublimates directly into CO2 gas from its solid form and creates a white cloudy atmosphere around it.

How can I make dry ice?
There are many dry ice pelletizers available for sale. The smaller versions produce 10-50 KGs/hour of dry ice. Such pelletizers/blasters are perfectly suitable for people who want to get into the business with less risk. These machines are normally smaller in size and are transportable. These pelletizers are popular among home-based manufacturers. Others are industrial grade blasters which require more space and more energy. Such huge blasters produce nearly 300 to 500 kg of dry ice per hour.

Who buys my dry ice?
This is valid question. You first need to be well aware of your potential customers. Hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and other party halls are your first preferences. Smaller ice cream parlors, food courts, universities, schools, colleges, marriage receptions, functions, movie and serial sets, religious places, and anyone who is ready to use it as an advertisement gimmick are your secondary preferences.
Dry ice is also used in the storage industry, see if you can find an opportunity in there. Right now dry ice is sold at a rate of 60 rs per kg (1$-3$ per kg) with a margin profit of at least 25 rupees, so make sure that you have a plan to recover your initial investment within the first year so that you can start generating some $$ from the business from the second year or so. Building a good sized network is the biggest thing in this business.

How long does dry ice last?
Dry ice lasts about 18- 24 hours when stored in a container with good thermal insulation. Do not store dry ice in your regular refrigerator as it builds pressure gradually and might explode. Dry ice needs to be kept in a seperate insulated container with small pressure releasing holes. A Kilogram of dry ice can last 2- 3 hours in the open air before converting into gas.

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