How to start a candle making business – An ultimate guide

Business – Making scented candles for profit.
Business type – Home based business type
Most suitable for – Anyone.

5 days back I purchased a scented dinner candle worth 80 rupees (approx 1.15 $) and since then I was wondering whether manufacturing such candles can be a solid business. The result of that curiosity is this article. So, lets just jump into the topic.
This article answers the questions like
– How to start a candle business?
– Candle making equipment.
– Types of candles
– Cost
– Candle making process
– Where to sell candles? How to make maximum profit by selling candles?
-Profit estimation

How to start a candle business?

Here, lets discuss a bit about the technical part. Before starting any medium scale business, you need to get certain permissions from the authority associated with it. But for candle making, you need an extra permit from fire safety department (only in some countries).

After all your legal procedures, you are good to move to the next level, the place selection. Most of the candle makers manufacture candles in a separate place away from their homes because of the fire safety reasons. Its totally up to you. The place where you manufacture candles need not be a fancy place, but the place where you sell it must be attractive and fancy.

Candle making equipment

Well,after choosing a place to setup your business,you will have to buy the things required to make candles. The main things required for making normal candles are the wax,wicks, double boiler, molds or machines and that’s it.
But for making special candles, you need things like the containers where you pour the wax, coloring dyes, aromatic special scents and some special oils.

Types of candles

There are many kinds of waxes from which candles can be made. The main types of candles are pure wax candles, ice candles, and gel candles.
Pure wax candles are made from different waxes like paraffin, bees wax, soy wax etc… Bees wax and soy wax are said to be the most suitable waxes to make aromatic candles as they burn clean and slowly.
Paraffin wax is used for large scale commercial purposes. Mixing the waxes is also a great idea to make your candles unique.
Ice candles are made using ice and wax for getting a different shape that you cannot get with normal wax method. Gel candles are made using gel wax just to make transparent candles.

Expenditure estimation of candle making business

Cost of this business may vary according to the place where you live. It also depends on the kind of candles you are going to manufacture. A kilogram of bees wax costs you around a thousand rupees (approx 15$), a kilogram of paraffin wax costs you around 500 rupees (approx 7.5$). But nobody buys them in kilograms. Buying wax on a wholesale rate will reduce the price of the wax.
An automatic candle making machine will cost you 60000 rupees to 90000 rupees (approx 850$- 1500$) if you want to manufacture commercial candles. But if you want to manufacture aromatic and decorative candles, then you have to make your own mold and make each piece of candle separately by hand.
There are other expenses like buying wicks, coloring dyes, scents and oils. So, practically, your initial expenditure may sum up to 200000 rupees(~3000$).

Candle making process

1. The desired pure wax or the mixed proportion of the wax is set to melt on a double boiler at a specific temperature.
2. Desired coloring dye is also added to the melting wax.
3. Mold is set ready with a candle wick running down the mold length. Size of the wick is directly proportional to the size of the candle. So, choose the appropriate wick for the candle you are making.
4. Before pouring the molten wax into the mold, desired scent is mixed.
4. Now, the molten wax is poured into the mold.
5. After 3-4 hours, your candle is ready. But it is recommended to sell them after at least a week.

Where can I sell my candles? What are the most profitable

In fact, selling commercial plain candles can be very difficult for there are nearly no one buying them these days. If your locality has continuous power cuts, or more churches, then producing commercial plain candles is reasonably a better idea.
But I would recommend you to manufacture aromatic diner candles. Due to their aroma and the positive image in the market, even rich people end up buying them for their romantic dinners.
Make your candles as much innovative as you can. You can either start your own ‘only candles’ store in the city, or you can supply your candles to the fancy stores and malls near you. Or, you can directly contact every fancy places around you and give them some free candles for use. They will definitely buy your candles to make their places look more classy.

What can be my profit?
To make a 40 gram aromatic candle, you need at least 50 rupees. But such scented candles are sold at nearly 300 rupees in the market. But a normal candle of 40 grams is sold at 40 rupees with 15 rupees profit. So, its your choice to choose which kind of candle you want to sell and your profit varies according to your decision.

Final talk
Making candles and selling can be very profitable business if you know whom to sell and what to sell.

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