The best ways to invest in gold

There are many ways one can invest in gold. When there are many options in front of an investor, it is hard to make a good choice. People often feel ‘taken’ by the gold dealers and make stupid mistakes while investing in gold. This article tries to explain how gold investment works for people from different financial backgrounds. Let’s analyze some of the popular ways in which people normally invest in gold and which is better for you.


If you are planning to invest not too much in gold or other precious metals, then investing in gold jewelry is a good option. The best thing about jewelry investment is that your spouse can be exempted from taxation if you buy it for them as a gift, or, best case, your gold investment can go undocumented. There are limits to how much tax credits you can get, but it is notably helpful for working couples and families with minimum investment capacity.

Gold IRA

IRA means Individual Retirement Account. Normal IRA is where you funnel in your savings to get huge tax cuts and other financial benefits. A gold IRA is a similar system where you buy and store gold instead of cash. A custodian holds your gold in their vaults from which you can get back your gold whenever you want. A normal IRA has an average of a lousy 6.6% return annually, but a gold IRA can yield much more than that and it has other benefits too.

It has been explained sharply. Read this article to understand how a gold IRA works – Gold IRA| The Golden Retirement Opportunity


The bigger sharks buy gold bullion (coins and bars) which has been the best way of investing in gold. Now, you can either buy gold bullion directly from international companies like Regal Assets, or you can open a gold IRA like I said before and then store your bullion in there for extra tax benefits.

Normally people do the latter. To have more in depth knowledge on gold investing, get your gold investment kit for free of cost from Regal Assets. Before buying bullion, make sure you are aware of regulations on the storage of your precious metals.

Other options

Gold stocks

I do not recommend gold stocks as the stock value do not depend only on the gold price. Gold stocks are profitable, but the problem is that they do not give you the luxury of owning physical gold. Owning physical gold is important because the whole reason for investing in physical assets is to own them personally which is more secure.
Also, not every gold backed stock is profitable. Some of them can even cause you immense loss. All these volatile conditions make gold stocks less attractive.

Gold ETFs

Just like mutual funds, gold ETFs are consistent when it comes to returns, but you own gold only on paper which is quite dangerous. If we have learned anything from history, gold not owned physically is gold not owned at all.

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