North Korean Crisis – Is Gold The Golden Option For Invesment?

Yes, this is the best time to buy and stack up precious metals. Why? The tension between North Korea and The US is at all time high and the US was planning for a preventive war on North Korea which is still on the table.

We all know that a war with a nuclear state like North Korea is not going to be smooth. Not to mention the fact that it might even trigger an all-out nuclear war in which case investing in anything would be needless since we are all going to die.

Apart from this North Korea crisis, experts are calculating that the US might have to confront a bigger war under Trump administration.

But, why buy gold?

Well, if we have learned anything from history, wars don’t go well with the economy. Stock markets choke, real estate stumbles, but the value of basic commodities and physical assets rise up. We all know that gold is not a basic commodity, but it is the best physical asset anyone can own.

Basic commodities cannot be considered as investment options because they lose their value when the economy starts stabilizing. But it is not the case with precious metals, especially gold and silver. Gold holds its value no matter how worse or good the economy is working because it is always in demand in other parts of the 4

Let’s say the Korean war will never happen. You will have nothing to lose since the value of gold gets unaffected, but if it happens, then you individually get richer even if the country’s economy is going downhills.

Normally, millionaires invest 20%-to 35% of their wealth in precious metals and other physical assets combined because they know it’s the right way to secure their wealth. Even banks pile up gold as reserves for financial security purposes. It is the common people who are left out and they are the people who normally suffer the most during financial turmoils.

Why are the rich buying precious metals?

The richest 1% of the world is getting obsessed with precious metals like gold and silver. It is said that they are already pretty sure about a major war and are getting ready for it. They are already investing in gold either through their IRAs or by buying bullion in bulk from companies like Regal Assets.

But why gold? You may ask. Most of us don’t know that the currency that we use for daily transactions is purely backed by our trust in it. So, without trust, they are just paper pieces. During a war, these paper currency notes lose their values, unlike real and physical currencies like gold and silver.

But how do I invest in gold? Does it have any other benefits?

People normally research before buying gold form reputed companies. Bigger companies like regal assets provide gold investment kits to people for free of cost. So, you can either do the research yourself or simply request a free gold investment kit from them to have a deep knowledge about your investment on gold. Such kits also help you if you have any doubts or questions about the safety of your investment. If you don’t know how to invest in gold effectively, read this article –“How to invest in gold” . If you directly want to buy gold bars, coins, then visit Regal Assets website – which is one of the leading  gold companies in the US who ship the gold directly to your desired address.

What do you think about the upcoming war? Do you think your assets and investments can withstand the upcoming economic depression? Comment down below if you have any questions regarding your investment safety.

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