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Aquarium Shop Business Plan

Want a viable and profitable aquarium shop business plan? You have come to the right place. Aquarium shop business includes a variety of services and products. There are many opportunities attached with this business that many aquarium shop owners miss out. Let’s talk about some of them in this blog post. Business: Starting a small aquarium shop, exclusively to sell aquarium related products.Business Type: Manufacturing & retailer business.Basic requirements: A place to set up your shop, water supply, electricity supply, … Continue reading “Aquarium Shop Business Plan”

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Biogas Unit Installation Business

So you want to know how to start a biogas unit installation business. This article goes deep into this topic. Biogas is a fuel used for cooking. Biogas is produced primarily from cow dung or vegetable waste. Nearly 14% of the rural India uses biogas as a substitute for LPG. Fortunately setting up a biogas unit is very simple. Nowadays, you can get ready-made biogas installation units manufactured from different companies which can directly be installed in homes. Business: Producing biogas … Continue reading “Biogas Unit Installation Business”

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Purified Mineral Water Supply Business Plan

Starting a purified mineral water supply business is one of the hottest business ventures. With governments failing to supply clean and purified water to their citizens, the demand for purified drinking water is increasing day by day. Business : Starting a drinking water supply plant.Business type : industrial, manufacturingBasic needs : a water source (a river is ideal), water purifying plant set-up, storing cans, transportation facility. Water is not a product, it’s a basic need for the people to survive. … Continue reading “Purified Mineral Water Supply Business Plan”

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Starting A Pedal Boat Leasing Business – Business Plan

Business: Providing pedal boats for lease. Business type: Entertainment. Most suitable for : Anyone. Ever rode a pedal boat? Pedal boats are one of the many cool boats we come across when we visit a water body like lakes, rivers, or even beaches. This article is all about the pedal boat leasing business. There are many business opportunities related to water bodies and pedal boat leasing is one of the simplest and easily affordable business plans. What is this pedal boat … Continue reading “Starting A Pedal Boat Leasing Business – Business Plan”