Agriculture related

Excavation Contractor Business

Business : Excavating and construction services. Business type : Contract. Requirements : Excavators, dozers and dump trucks, a parking place.

Dairy Farming Business

Business: Dairy farming Type of business: Traditional, farm management. Suitable For: Farmers, anyone with land. In this article, we are going to look into the dairy-farming business in-depth. Topics of the article are – What is dairy-farming and where is…
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Biogas Unit Installation Business; Business Plan And Opportunities

Business: Producing biogas in a large-scale and providing biogas plant installation services. Business type: Energy production, science, and technology, innovation. Most suitable for: Business owners with huge capitals or people who know how to arrange crowd funding.

Mushroom cultivation business

Business: Growing mushrooms Business type: Agriculture, farming. Most suitable for : Farmers, housewives, and you. Maintenance time : 20 hours a week (initial), 10-12 hours a week(normal)

Bonsai business : A step by step bonsai guide

Business: Growing and selling bonsai trees. Business type: passion, agriculture Time needed: 20-25 hours a month. Most suitable for: Bonsai enthusiasts, housewives, even amateurs.