How To Start An Emu Farm For Profit

This is a brief article on starting an emu farm which explains the economical and social aspects that are involved in this business. In this article, I have tried to give you a small picturization of the business which I have gathered from different emu farms and of course, the internet.

Business: Maintaining an emu farm.
Business type: Poultry farming.
Basic requirements: Land, water, fencing, emu chicks.

Why start an emu?

The answer is simple, the emu is nearly 20-30% more profitable than the other poultry farms with apparently similar efforts involved. Emu is not only famous for its meat but is also famous for its oil, eggs, skin, feathers. Emu has a large business potential in countries like Australia, USA, and even India for some extent.

The emu meat contains less cholesterol and is ideal for a healthy diet. The oil, on the other hand, has a lot of medical applications. The eggs are similar, bigger and prettier than that of the chickens but they don’t have a commercial market unless you create one around your business.

How to start a small emu farm?

– One of the important steps before starting an emu farm is to build a suitable fence. Since emu grows up to 6.2 feets tall, it’s logical to have a strong fencing.

– Next, comes the selection of the emu chicks. It is easy to find merchants online these days. Make sure your chicks are vaccinated. A normal emu farm needs at least 10-12 chicks to turn this business into a profit.

– Feed is the next big thing. We will talk about the cost of feeding later in this article.

– Emu normally drinks a lot of water, so make sure you have enough water supply for your farm.

– If you have any idea of expanding your farm, you certainly need a hatchling area where you can hatch the eggs. Selling emu chicks is also a crucial part of the farming. This adds an extra income for your business.

How much does it cost me to start a small emu farm and how much can I earn?

I will try to give you a rough sketch of the economic part of the business as it varies from place to place. In India, Emu became largely popular during the 90’s. Although the industry dropped to its lowest production in 2012, it is ever recovering with a greater speed, thanks to the bigger hotel chains including emu meat on their menu.

– A single three-month Emu chick costs from 2000 – 5000 rupees according to the current market price.

– A single emu needs a feed worth 5000 rupees a year. You can now calculate the total initial cost just by including the expenses of the infrastructure.

Before jumping into the income section, I want to warn you that emu farming is nothing like chicken farming when it comes to marketing. The primary income in chicken farming is producing eggs. In emu farming, the primary income comes from selling chicks, oil, and meat. Emu farming can actually generate 80% of the investment returns in the first year of the business itself.

– Currently, Emu meat sells for 300 – 500 Rupees per Kg. A single grown Emu produces 20 to 35 Kg of edible meat.

– Emu feathers and skins are used for pillows, leather bags, artifacts, fashion designing, belts etc… There is no official market for them. But, most of the farmers directly sell them to the interested buyers.

– Emu oil is the golden part of the business. Emu oil is used for many medical purposes and is found to be very effective in treating joint pains, arthritis, and other bone related issues. Emu oil has a very high commercial value and a single grown Emu can produce nearly 5 liters of oil.

– A single Emu lays 25- 40 eggs per year and each egg cost 800- 1100 rupees. Normally, Emu starts laying eggs after 15 months and repeats the cycle for at least next 20 years. But, eggs are not normally sold for eating, they are sold for further incubation and production of more chicks.

How do I establish myself in Emu farming business?

This is a valid question to ask if you are totally new to the poultry farming business. Selling Emu meat is hard, and it has a very low consumer group. So, you have to pace up your business and become a supplier all across the country if possible.

– Focus more on permanent business partners, like restaurant owners, nearby meat stores, hostels, medical companies, etc…

– Make your presence on the internet. Most of the businesses these days do very well only when they are present online. Use social media to promote your products and stores like Amazon, big basket to sell your products.

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