Fish pedicure as a business: A trending business idea

Business : Fish pedicure / fish massage centre
Business type: Recreation, entertainment.
Estimated expenditure: 2000$- 5000$

There are hundreds of types of massage types in this world. Fish pedicure is one of them. In this article, lets talk about how you can start a fish pedicure/massage business in your neighbor hood.

What is a fish pedicure?
Fish pedicure is kind of medical therapy as well as a kind of massage. It is more famous as a recreational business than a medical therapy. There are certain kinds of fishes which are used in this business for better results. Some are mentioned below,

-Garra rufa or nibble fish or
-Garra flavatra
-Panda garra

These fishes have their origins from the middle east, they are commonly found in the hot springs and rivers of Iran, Iraq, Yemen etc… But you don’t have to pack your bag to go to the middle east to find them. Thanks to some fish growers and dealers, these fishes are easily available for cheap rates on online stores.

It is true that some countries have banned these pedicures. But it was because those people were cheating their customers by telling that those fishes can cure any kind of skin problems including skin cancer which is not true. There may be some medicinal value in these fishes , but that does not mean they can cure anything. So, what I’m suggesting you is that you can start this fish massage centre for purely recreational purpose.

To start a fish massage centre, you need a fancy place, a place which you can call a massage centre. You need to put up some giant fish tanks or small bath tubs where you can accommodate one or two people.

Next thing to bother about are the fishes and water. There are considerably many number of dealers on the internet who can sell you these fishes. Some sell these fishes along with the fish care kit and instructions. Its your choice how you are going to make arrangements for water.

The last thing to bother is the permits from the local authority. If you complete all these procedures, then you are good to go.

Why open a fish massage centre?
Because it is trending, and people have found a great pleasure in it. If you see those YouTube videos, you will definitely feel like trying it once.Now a days it has become a very hot business in water recreational spots near the metropolitan cities.

Most important thing is that all you need for this business is a place for your customers to sit and play with the fishes. There are many people who have started such spots in their homes itself. So, its a very suitable business for people who want to do some business from homes.

Such massage centres are entering into mainstream media like movies, news channels and even porn videos(sorry, I had to write that. In fact, a porn inspired me to research about this business and write this article. Don’t scold me, scold my age).

How do I attract customers to my massage centre?

If I was there in your place , I would have done the following things which are common tactics,

– Contact other massage centres and give an offer of collaboration, why? Because its more than obvious that they will start their own fish pedicure after knowing about your business, you can stop that from happening by collaborating with established massage centres. It will not only tackle the problem of competition, it will ensure you some ready-made customers.

– Hygiene is the key factor, your customers should feel that the service is safe and secure for their health. So, make sure that you provide the best hygienic service you can give. And TELL THEM about your safety measures so that they make a good impression of your massage parlor among their friends.

– Online advertising is one of the most crazily effective way to advertise your service. Open a location customized website of your massage parlor service and offer online bookings and discounts to make it look more like a standard business. Remember to get a feedback from your customers and put that up on your website.

– Advertise your services on local news papers with beautiful pictures. Make a good use of social media like Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

– Give your customers a chance to earn some money if they refer it to their friends and family.

Now that you have understood the technical things about this business, I recommend you to do some more research on this and give it a try. Please do comment if you have any other information about the business.ALL THE BEST.

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