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So, you have decided to grow sugarcane in your field. Here is all you need to consider before growing a sugarcane farm.

  • Sugar manufacturing is a major industry in India as sugarcane is grown all year all across india.
  • Sugarcane is a tropical plant which needs a lot of water and sunlight to grow. If your climatic condition doesn’t provide any one of these, don’t bother reading further.
  • India is the second largest  sugar producing country in the world.
  • When  you start with your venture you might need to list down all your plans and  set some goals and how to reach them. Like any other agricultural plants, sugarcane needs tilling, irrigation pipes and other upfront works which can add up to your initial expenses.
  • The important thing you need to do  is to look for the probable demand of the product that you are about to provide your market. Make sure you have a sugarcane processing unit nearby or you might have to build one. Shipping raw material across the country is a waste of time and non profitable.
  • Start on the lower level by learning how to plan soil, plant sugarcane, removing weeds, applying insecticides and other farming skills.
  • Discuss the pricing and terms of agreements with the local market dealer.
  • If you do not have a dedicated sugarcane market like in India, you have to find groups or individuals who want to buy your sugarcane for processing.


  • Sugarcane is in the same family as grass, and grows in the form of tall, narrow, stalks or canes,
  • Sugarcane is planted in roots on its side in the fall.
  • It requires no maintenance over the winter.
  • Sugarcane grows as tall as bamboo and grows in the tropics and it can be grown in many warmer parts of the United states.
  • Look for long ,thick stem, which are more likely to produce healthy new plants, keeping this in mind, buy as many stems as you need to produce the size crop you want.
  • Sugarcane stems are planted horizontally on their sides in 4inch deep furrows or trenches.
  • Split the sugarcane stems into foot long pieces .
  • Sugarcane farm needs full sun ,so choose an area that is not shaded.
  • Use a hose to lightly moisture before planting.
  • Till furrows to prepare them for the sugarcane.

Industry: Sugar industry, food and beverages.

Related costs:

  • Plant and machineries costs
  • Building costs
  • Land and side development expenses.
  • Preliminary expenses.
  • Pre-operative expenses.
  • Raw materials cost.
  • Costs for employee expenses.
  • Selling and maintenance expenses.
  • Fuel expenses.
  • Vehicle expenses.

Suitable for: Anyone  with a good amount of land. Sugarcane farm is climate sensitive ,so please do research about the feasibility of its growth in your land before planting.

Permits required: Not much, but you can contact the local government  to know if you have  any govt sponsored benefits.


  • Currently sugarcane has about 205 markets and trade centers operating other than the basic food products that they produce and are accepted by customers in 50 countries…
  • Company business includes sugar production ,imports, refining, domestic sales and trade, warehouse and logistics and national reserve management. 
  • You can start any of the above business opportunities in the industry to be a participant in the industry.


  • The entrepreneurs inject substantial capital to the under-developed economy that converts it into a vibrant,dynamic economy.
  • They employ many workers leading to improved standards of living.
  • Leads to industrial growth through provision of raw materials especially to agro based industries.
  • The number of the plantation is totally dependent on the international market. 
  • Not only is the sugarcane used in producing sugar, the fibres are used in animal feed, cardboard manufacturing, power generation etc…
  • Even though diabetic people are not allowed to consume sugar products due to the high sugar content in their blood, sugarcane is relatively safer to consume. Sugarcane juice is good for diabetic people as it contains natural sugar which has an extremely low glycemic index.


  • It encourages rural-urban migration and it affects things like unemployment and slum development.
  • Exodus of money and raw materials in the form of profit goes to foreign lands which in No way improves the local economy.  
  • Monoculture practiced by farm houses and plantation leads to soil exhaustion and erosion hence loss of soil fertility.
  • There is increased multiplication of pests and diseases due to monoculture on these plantations.

Franchise opportunities: 

Sweetener is a natural and artificial element that provides a sweet taste in food and drinks . There are many franchise opportunities for manufacturers in this industry like sugar sweeteners , sugar cubes, white sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar , sugar canister, sugar packets, liquid sugar, dry sugar , sugar cookies, sugar candies, raw sugar etc..

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