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The rosewood is one of the most exploited species of trees around the world. It is used in making fine furniture, musical instruments, rosewood oils, etc… and the name rosewood refers to several dark-red hardwood species of trees. Rosewood  has a strong, sweet smell which persists for many years. Rosewood plantation business is one of the most profitable agroforestry businesses in the world.

today Brazil is the major producer  of rosewood essential in the oil world. 

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Industry: Exotic wood industry, furniture industry.

Rosewood plantation business plan: 

  • Firstly plant the rosewood in a spot that gets full sun and the planting strategies are very important.
  • The rosewood tree requires a hole that is three to four times larger in diameter than the tree’s root ball.
  • Rosewood requires a major dry season of around 3 months per year and rosewood trees have a growth potential of 10m in height ,in 15years. 
  • The rosewood tree must grow in full sunlight. And the rose wood tree must grow in diameter more than the tree’s root ball.
  • Mix the suitable chemicals to the soil removed from the hole. If the soil is overly dry, sandy or claylike, more humous additive soil is necessary. 
  • Rosewood is a slow growing tree and experience in plantation to date is very limited as it’s difficult to grow. 
  • The rosewood can be planted in pits of 30cm cube made at a spacing of 5x5m.
  • It is an evergreen in the moist zone and in dry areas it sheds leaves during February-march and then flushes soon. 
  • Then the flowers will be produced during January-February and the flowers are in the white colour.
  • And next the fruits will be produced during March and take 7-8 months to mature.
  • Its growth is very slow and it wants well drained, deep, moist soil etc.. to grow well.
  • Instead of planting trees in rows, rosewood is planted in a large tree spirals.
  • Depending on the age and size, about 50-70g of N(nitrogen), 30-50g p2o5(phosphorous pentoxide) and 30-50g k2o (potassium oxide) along with 30kg of FYM per plant is applied from second year onwards during monsoon.  

Related costs:

  • 1,00,000 rs to 2.5lakhs rupees depending on the quality, type and the age of the saplings. There are other costs involved like transportation, labour,  security, watering system.
  • The tree’s value depends on its characteristics of being strong, heavy, and also high demand for creating furniture and musical instruments.

Suitable for:

Anyone living in a suitable tropical area (Places like Brazil, Honduras, Jamaica, Africa, and India) can grow rosewood as the tree does not grow well in different climates than its supposed habitat. The tree is a climate sensitive species, so please do research about the feasibility of its growth in your land before planting.

Profitability And Processing Of Rosewood Trees

There are many industry participants who willingly visit your rosewood plantation and process the wood for you and buy it directly, if you cannot find any such dealers then you might have to hire people to cut and process your trees. The price of the tree depends on the girth of the tree and the hardness. Generally the rosewood tree fetches higher prices like many other commercial trees. The price can vary from 4000rs/Cubic feet to 12000rs/cubic feet depending on various factors like the season, transport cost girth, hardness, oil content, etc.. Please contact at least 3-4 dealers before selling your rosewood to get a better price range and a good deal for your trees.

Permits required:

not much,but you can contact the local governments to know if you have any govt sponsored benefits.permits from the forestry department while cutting the tree.


  • Rosewood tree has multifarious benefits as a fuel, as wood for ships, guitars, furniture  items, handles and luxury flooring, decorative pieces and art items. It’s also used in musical instruments, precious instruments and other uses.
  • A major ingredient of high quality perfumes and cosmetic products and rosewood essential oil is also known for its antibacterial, antifungal, cytotoxic, antioxidant and antimutagenic properties.
  • The rosewood can be stored up to 6 months after sun drying.
  • Rosewood is also used for making windows, doors and agricultural implements.
  • Rosewood increases the soil nitrogen content so it is used in agroforestry and social forestry programmes.
  • The wood grain is beautiful, pleasing to the eye, which feels high-end.
  • Even after a few hundred  years, as a little  lacquered and moist, it still looks like a new look of sour wood which has long been noticed by the world.


  • If the rosewood trunk has high water content, then the price will drastically decrease. The deformation of the furniture is a common problem of a large number of solid wood furniture.
  • The price is really high and the red rosewood has a sour fragrance, some people like it, some people don’t so choose according to your own situation.
  • Once the finished product is generally stained, the fragrance is not removable and is inconvenient to handle for some.

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