Plant Nursery Business Plan: A Full Guide

What is a plant nursery business?

A plant nursery is a place where particular plant saplings are grown with intense care. Most of the plantation owners, farmers buy saplings from the nurseries for their farms. It helps them to set up their farm quickly and it also ensures that the plants that are grown on their farm are of high quality and better yield. Here is a complete plant nursery business plan to maximize your profit.

Business: management and selling of nursery grown plants.
Business type: Seasonal, Agriculture, business to business.
Basic requirements: permits, land, water, expertise in the plantation bus.

Types of plant nurseries

There are many types of plant nurseries serving different purposes in the agricultural industry. According to the type of plants, produced nurseries are classified into following types:
          1) Fruit plant Nurseries: – In this nursery seedlings and grafts of fruit crops are developed. Eg: mango, papaya, kinds of nuts.
         2) Vegetable nurseries: – In this nursery seedlings of cauliflower, cabbage, brinjal, and tomato are prepared.
         3) Flowers plants nurseries:- The seedlings of flowering plants like gerbera, carnation, petunia, salvia, rose, chrysanthemum, coleus, aster, dianthus are developed in this nurseries.
         4) Forest nurseries: – The seedlings of plants useful for forestation like pine, oak, teak, eucalyptus, casuarinas are prepared and sold.
         5) Commercial plant nurseries: – In such type of nurseries plants with great economic value, rare and medicinal, herbal plants are propagated. In this nursery plants like geranium, rose, calendula, and marigold are propagated. While planning on starting a nursery one has to decide which type of nursery is to be started. At the same time, the duration and type of plants propagated should be finalized.

Choosing the right type of plantation business can be hard if you are new to the industry. Just research about the plants grown in your locality and find out which kind of plants have more demand. For example, in my locality, there are so many plantations of coconut, areca nut, and banana. But, some special fruits like pomegranate, papaya, guava and even noseberry(chikoo) plants also get great demand during the season.

Nursery management

Once you choose the type of nursery you want to develop in your land, it’s time to start your plant nursery business plan, planning for the resource management and marketing. Marketing is one of the very important tools in this business. People often forget the value of marketing in this era of high competition. For this business, ‘the newspaper trick’ works very well.

Basic requirements in you plant nursery business plan should include

  • Greenhouse requirements.
  • Water supply.
  • Raw materials like pots, saplings.
  • Parent plants for further propagation of the seed.

You will also have to make arrangements for the following,
1. Transportation
If your nursery is of industrial scale, then you must have your own transport system or you must hire a third party transport agency which is available every time.
2. Expert advisers
This is science, and it’s hard to make your own rules here. It is always recommended to have an expert team of botanists who can help you in making the most of the available resources. Maintaining a nursery needs more care than maintaining a plantation.
3. A permanent customer group
When you look at any successful business listed on the Forbes magazine, you will notice that all of them have a group of permanent customers who buy their products irrespective of marketing. Having a permanent customer base is as important as owning the business. Where do I find permanent customers for my plant nursery? – Bigger plantations companies, agricultural societies, individual farmers, even your own local government might become a potential customer.

You need intense marketing only if there is an intense competition. Know your competitors.
If your budget is lower and if you don’t want to spend too much on the fancy advertising, then try ‘the newspaper trick’

It has become a necessity for every business to be on the internet. Try building your own website, or you can become a seller on prime shopping websites like Amazon or Ebay. It costs you little or no money to be online but it can prove its worth by becoming the primary source of income for your business in the future.

Hope this article helps you. Please checkout other awesome business ideas mentioned in our blog. If you want to know about starting a plant nursery, click here . You can also checkout our other agriculture related posts here. Good luck.

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