Mushroom cultivation business

mushroom growing business

Business: Growing mushrooms
Business type: Agriculture, farming.
Most suitable for : Farmers, housewives, and you.
Maintenance time : 20 hours a week (initial), 10-12 hours a week(normal)

There are many people who love to grow food in their back yard. Some grow it for fun and some for a living. But, when people feel like they need to start growing food for some extra bucks, they often get confused over which food to choose. There are many plants you can grow in your small backyard. But, the most profitable in all of them is growing mushrooms. They are not plants, but they are a kind of fungi which are grown in moist areas.

Mushroom farming is told to be the best commercial option as they need less attention but can result in more income. Different kinds of mushrooms have different prices. Most common commercial mushroom is the oyster mushroom. They have a market price of nearly 7$ per pound. Most of the mushrooms are harvested 6 times a year.

Investment for the business

I could not meet anyone personally who grows mushroom. According to an Indian government website, the total cost of building a small commercial mushroom growth setup will range from 26000 rupees -45000 rupees (approx 400$- 700$) if you already have a room. The gross profit for such a setup is 100000 rupees – 120000 rupees(approx 1500$-1800$) per year. The investment actually is less after once you setup your business and it needs very less maintenance time. You will have to buy special compost (spawns and substrates) from other companies, then you need to keep up the moisture level, nitrogen level etc.. You can also get help to grow mushrooms from the people who are ready to teach you online for free.


Mushrooms don’t grow in every climatic condition, they need more humidity. During incubation, they need to be kept in a dark place, then they should be moved to a place where there is good sunshine. Which means, this business includes a bit of technical knowledge to build a successful business. Other requirements are the shelves where you keep the compost bag and laborers if needed.

Marketing your harvest

You may build a mushroom farm successfully, but if you don’t have customers then you have flop business in your hand. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you have a customer at the other end. You can sell your mushrooms in the following ways.
—-   Selling online is the first thing that comes to my mind. There are many e-commerce platforms where you can sell your products. But don’t depend only on them.
—-   Star hotels, restaurants, other food points are your next target. They usually import the mushrooms or buy them from a standard farm industry. Tell them that you can provide the same quality mushrooms at a lower price. This often works, because the person at the other end is also a business man and he wants to save money too.
—-   If the hotel/ restaurant does not have mushroom based food items, then convince them to add them in their menu. Tell them about the taste of mushroom soups(I personally love button mushroom soup), and how the popularity of a hotel goes up if they have mushroom related food items in their menu.
—-   Last, but not the least is to open an exclusively mushroom related fast food shop. This is the most effective way of making a good amount of money. You can learn hundreds of food recipes online and choose the food item you want to sell from it. Trust me, people will be very happy to try something new apart from their daily fast food habits.

So, if you are thinking of starting such a business, then please do comment below for any possible help. You may expect help from me or any others who read your comments.

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    how can i obtain a govt subsidy on mashroom farming

    1. Krishna says:

      Hi, you can prepare a project report on mushroom cultivation you are intending to do and approach EDI – entrepreneurship development institute to get loan facility from their tied up banks and get subsidy on the same.



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    How to get customers is my major challenge because I have been trained and am about to start up my mushroom farm in a commercial way, but please I need more channels of getting customers so my products can be sold freshly, immediately after harvesting
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