Garden Grass Supply Business

Business – Growing and supplying stripes of garden grass.
Business type – Garden decoration supplies.
Most suitable for – People with 1 or more acres of land and a good surplus of water.

Garden grass supply business is not a very common business that you come across. It is rare for people to grow sod and sell it for money. But it has been proven to be a very profitable business if done with innovative mind.

Most of the people in the developed countries (where garden grass has very high demand) grow sod or garden grass using green house setups and vertical farming. With a good vertical farming setup, you can grow 6-8 acres of sod in just one acre land. This aspect of the business itself makes a huge difference in the income that you can generate from an acre of land.

Although sod/garden grass grows within three months , it takes at least 8-10 months for it to be used in commercial places. So, it is not a ‘get rich quick business’. Garden grass supply business takes patience, time and resources before you can make your first profit.

Who are my customers?
– Golfers, golf clubs, other sports courts and grounds, parks.
– Villas, hotels and other commercial places with gardens.
– City corporation programs, homes, apartments etc..
– Cattle farmers(you can actually sell fresh wheat grass to people who cannot find fodder to their cattle during odd seasons).

How much should I invest in garden grass supply business?

Since the grass /sod needs at least 8-10 months to be commercially ready, you need to invest the money that you don’t need urgently or the money you can afford to lose. Or you can always start from a very small portion of you land and use the other part of the land for other agricultural purposes.
A green house as big as half an acre ground needs at least an investment of 4000$-5000$ including the containers and stands required for vertical farming. The water regulation systems, seeds to grow the grass types, transport arrangements are the other expenses. So, you should be ready to invest at least 10000$ and not expect any return within 6-7 months into the business. Within those 6-7 months of time, you have to build your own network of clients.

One acre worth of sod/grass can be sold at 5000$-6000$ depending on the place you live. So, plan your services accordingly.

The biggest mistake is to stop finding new customers. You should find one or the other ways to reach new customers all the time if you want your product to be sold constantly.

The best thing about a vertical farming setup is that you can actually grow other plants and vegetables if your garden grass supply business doesn’t go well.

Growing garden grass in a vertical farming setup
Many of the cattle farmers are opting to grow different types of grass in a vertical farming setup to feed their cattle and are quite successful with it. See if you can integrate the same technique in your business. This technique saves a lot of land, water and resources. It is better if this is taken as an experimental approach while you continue with the conventional method of growing sod.

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