Animal Husbandry for profit

Animal husbandry is a branch of agriculture related to animals which are raised and domesticated for various products like milk, meat, fibre, manure, eggs etc…

Humans have been very successful domesticating, raising and using many animals for personal and financial gain. In this article, let’s discuss the most common animal husbandry practices.

Dairy farming :

Dairy farming has been around for centuries and humans have been rearing cattle for various means like milk, meat, and leather. If you are looking for a peaceful and  must check the following points before starting a dairy farm

1) Availability of good quality Dairy breed cows in the nearby livestock  market.

2) nearness of the farm to veterinary hospital, at insemination  centre/ livestock aid centres, mpcs.

3) marketing facility of milk and Milk products in the locality for availability of concentrates, fodder and medicine in that locality

 4)Before starting a diary form the entrepreneurs or  farmers are advised to undergo training on dairy farming they can contact local animal husbandry department staff for Veterinary College for agricultural university etc for the purpose. 

5)Government subsidy available for these types of projects- back end capital subsidy 25% for general category( 33.33% for SC or St beneficiaries)  is available under the Government of India scheme dairy entrepreneurship development scheme(SEDS).   The subsidy ceiling is rupees 1,75,000 for general category and rupees  233000 for St or SC category for dairy farms with 10 animals.

6)Avail bank loan subsidy- in order to avail bank loan subsidy under DDS the entrepreneurs for farmers are advised to contact local animal husbandry for veterinary officers; the animal resources development department is the facilitator department for the above schemes. not there .

Sheep farming:

1)Income for sheep farmers can vary widely based on fluctuating feed costs, varying weather conditions, and the price of meat or wool at the market. A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) salary survey found that farm and ranch managers earned a median wage of $67,950 annually ($32.67 hourly) in 2018.

2)Sheep farming is a more profitable business than goat farming as sheep can attain good weight within a short period of time. … Sheep manure is an important source of soil fertility too. Additionally, the production of wool, meat, and manure provides three different sources of income per year.

3)The good thing is that you can choose from a variety of sheep breeds as listed below 

  • Leicester Long-wool Sheep. …
  • Lincoln sheep. …
  • Dorset sheep. …
  • Turcana. …
  • Dorper sheep. …
  • Tsigai. …
  • Hampshire sheep.

4)Firstly, the average sheep flock will be more profitable than the average beef herd in the long-term. There may be runs of years when this is not the case but, over say 20 to 30 years, on average it is true. However, most importantly, you have to be passionate about your livestock choice

5)At $75 per cwt, and assuming wool brings $10.10 per ewe, gross annual income per ewe can average $106.98-if 129 lambs can be marketed from 100 ewes. Variable costs, including feed and labor, range from $74.45 to $77.03 per ewe.

6)Profitability can be challenging, but with productive sheep and close control of expenses, a profit is possible. Sheep produce income from the sale of meat, wool and milk. The highest-quality meat is produced from lambs, young sheep under one year of age. Most sheep are sheared once per year to produce wool.

7)Sheep costs vary depending on breed, age, weight, and possibly a number of other factors. On average a Katahdin cross (a breed developed and bred in the US) ewe costs US$300 while lambs are a little cheaper, approximately US$250

8)Typical stocking densities on productive grass can be approximately six to 10 sheep per acre. However, the stocking density will vary according to climate, topography and grass quality (both farm specific and seasonal variations).

9)Farmers build fences, housing, shearing sheds and other facilities on their property, such as for water, feed, transport and pest control. Most farms are managed so sheep can graze pastures, sometimes under the control of a shepherd or sheepdog

10)As long as there are sheep, shearing must be practiced for the health and hygiene of each individual animal. Unlike other animals, most sheep are unable to shed. If a sheep goes too long without being shorn, a number of problems occur. … This can cause sheep to become overheated and die

Pig farming:

1)Pig farming for meat production is one of the best and profitable business ideas for people. There are several highly meat producing pig breeds available and Initial requirements of small investment, quick returns and utilization of bristles and manure further increase the importance of this animal.

2)Pigs might not be rampant pets in the households, but they are sure money spinners when pig farming comes to a stop. Pig farming has been in existence for a very long time and indeed has come to stay. This is one of the best forms of farming that you can begin to look at starting. One of the truths about this business is hinged on the fact that you can start with little capital

Animal feed production business plan:

1)It is very important to come up with a good feed formula to mix ingredients by doing market research. Obviously, the cattle feed formula is different from the poultry and fish feed. Determine what nutrients a specific animal the farmers keep needs so as to grow, gain weight and stay healthy.

2)Animal feed plays a vital role in the food chain as feed is one of the most crucial contributors in ensuring safe, abundant and affordable animal protein. Incessant population growth and rising affordability has surged demand for animal protein in India. Animal feed industry deals with food given to animals in the cattle, poultry and aquaculture sector as part of animal husbandry. The Indian feed industry predominantly caters to the cattle and poultry feed segment.

3)Poultry is the fastest growing livestock sector both in developed and developing countries. Poultry feed is the feedstock used for feeding the poultry for obtaining high quality, improves growth rate and lower the mortality rate. The feedstock is of different types depending on the end product such as for eggs or meat. Poultry feedstock is almost used in every poultry farm owing to its cost effective and desired results.

4)Poultry feed market is a part of the vast animal feed market and makes an important part of it as poultry is invariably consumed in most parts of the world. The concept of animal feed has been there in the market for several years especially in the developed markets. However, with the advent of globalization and rise in the standard of living of consumers, companies are expanding in the emerging markets of the world with improved products and a wide range of options for each animal group. Poultry meat is the highest among others such as pork, beef and fish meat. Therefore, a vast opportunity lies in the poultry feed segment.

5)Demand for poultry feed in India has been increasing consistently over the last five years on account of rising population, growing demand for healthy poultry products such as broiler meat and surging demand for compound poultry feed. Growing demand for poultry products in India is being witnessed on account of increasing poultry population, and this is further anticipated to drive growth in India poultry feed market in the coming years. Growth of Indian animal feed market is propelled by rise in demand for animal protein, surge in dairy products consumption and growth of livestock population.

6)However, there are various factors restraining growth of the market which includes high import duties on feed ingredients, vague regulatory regime, volatility in raw material prices and frequent disease outbreak. The market is characterized by leading trends such as the advent of nontraditional feed ingredients, genetically modified animal feed and technological innovation in the industry. The poultry feed market to grow at a CAGR of around 8% till 2019-20. In the coming years, packaged poultry feed is expected to grow at a higher pace compared to the traditional poultry feed. In the coming years, packaged poultry feed is expected to grow at a higher pace compared to the traditional poultry feed.

7)The Indian poultry feed industry, dependent on the sound growth of poultry, has a great untapped potential, with the southern part of India holding the maximum share of poultry production and consumption. Feed industry in India is about 50 years old. It primarily consists of cattle feed and poultry feed segments. Cattle feed industry in India is gradually evolving into an organized sector and the feed manufactures are increasingly using modern and sophisticated methods that seek to incorporate best global practices. The Indian cattle feed industry has high growth potential, given the country’s top position among the world nations in respect of livestock population and also the high expected growth rate of about 4 per cent.

8)Cattle feed encompasses various types of forages such as grass, legumes, silage which is mainly used as dairy cattle feed along with soy, grain and other elements which upsurges energy density of diet. Cattle feed is an edible and rich source of nutrients for growing, adult, milk producing and pregnant cattle. The global cattle feed market is anticipated to be driven by the increasing demand of milk products in developing nations, as cattle feed always aids to enhance the optimum level of milk production. Increasing demand for dairy products in the Asia pacific region is anticipated to stimulate the global cattle feed market. Milk products are used widely in the various beverages and bakery products which in turn positively intensifies the sales of cattle feed. Due to the increasing awareness of organic livestock farming, the sales of cattle feed will intensify in the near future. Also, the increasing demand for high protein food products is anticipated to fuel the sales of cattle feed during the forecast period.

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